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Brett Kavanaugh case sparks big protests across the US

Action in solidarity with victims shows that people want to fight oppression, says Alistair Farrow

Indonesian tsunami—an avoidable tragedy

A tsunami early warning system that could have saved many lives in Indonesia had not been introduced because of lack of money.

Hundreds of Tanzanians perish in overfilled boat catastrophe

The deaths of 224 people in east Africa were caused by unscrupulous ferry operators and extreme poverty, argues Charlie Kimber

Thousands of Nazis march as racists carry out violent attacks on migrants

The battle against the far right continued last weekend as

Israel ramps up repression

Israeli soldiers shot and killed a 12 year old Palestinian boy in the Gaza Strip last week. It marked a low point of days of violent Israeli repression across all of Palestine.

Roma reoccupy River Village in Italy

Families of Roma people briefly reoccupied a camp called River Village on the outskirts of Rome

Egyptian regime sentences protesters to death

The British-backed Egyptian regime of dictator Mohammed Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has sentenced 75 survivors of its most horrific massacre to death

Mass strike in Turkey defies state repression

Construction workers’ action is against firms with close links to the government

Powerful solidarity with refugees in Austria and Germany

Anti-racists from Austria and Germany joined forces at the border town of Passau

Toxic water protests in Basra turn into rage at corruption and sectarianism

Protests erupted in Iraqi city Basra last week. People stormed and burned government offices in anger at toxic water supplies, power cuts and corruption.

US rulers are in a deep state of hypocrisy

The only force stopping Donald Trump pressing the nuclear button is the benign figures at the heart of the US state. That’s according to them, anyway.

Racism is at the root of Swedish far right gains

Racists celebrated in Sweden after elections saw a vicious anti-immigrant party make a breakthrough with a record number of votes

Racist Farage goes on Australia tour

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage faced protests last weekend as he began a week-long tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Idlib attack deepens bloody Syria war

The Syrian regime was gearing up for its final assault on rebels this week—beginning one of its final acts in its long and bloody counter-revolution.

Anti-racists organise in Germany after attack

Christine Buchholz, MP for left party Die Linke, spoke to Socialist Worker about how to confront the far right

Prisoners join strikes and protest across the US

A wave of action in prisons and detention centres is hitting back at dire conditions, says Alistair Farrow

Aid cuts to Palestine herald more attacks and land grabs

The US has cut more than £150 million in aid to Palestinians to pressure the Palestinian government to give up more rights.

British bombs killing children in Yemen


Migrants blocked by the racist Salvini

The racist Italian government has been grandstanding with the lives of migrants.

Australia’s PM toppled as Tory government gets desperate

The Tories are tearing themselves apart in the face of a looming wipeout at the next general election. But they are likely to move even further right.

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