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Expect a bumpy ride after Italian election

The Italian general election result revealed one basic truth about parliamentary politics – the people who generally run society are not elected.

Movement in France set for new battles

Activists in France involved in the mass movement against the CPE youth employment laws say their victory is only the first step in a wider campaign against neo-liberalism.

Peruvians vote for a change of direction

When Washington looks at Latin America these days, the alarm bells must be ringing. In Bolivia, a vibrant mass movement brought Evo Morales to the presidency in December.

Bolivian migrants protest in Argentina

Some 5,000 Bolivian migrant workers brought the Floresta district of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a standstill on Wednesday of last week. The placard reads: "Factory Owners the party is over!"

Nepal: general strike continues despite repression

Massive state repression has failed to break a general strike that began in Nepal on Thursday of last week. The strike is backed by all the main political parties, including the Maoist rebels who control much of the countryside.

World Social Forum in Pakistan is a success

Over 30,000 people attended the Karachi World Social Forum (WSF) held in Pakistan from 24 to 29 March.

A million march for immigrant rights in Los Angeles

Immigrants to the US and their supporters held a massive march through Los Angeles, California, last weekend. They were protesting against a planned crackdown on illegal immigrants. According to census figures, immigrants, many from Latin America, make up 28 percent of the population of the state

Cairo conference: anti-war spirit feeds wider anger in Egypt

"Keep the movement on the streets" was the message of the Fourth Cairo Conference against imperialism and globalisation, which was held in the Egyptian capital last week.

Protest against the repression of Korean anti-war activists

The Korean anti-war movement is organising a demonstration outside a court hearing for eight anti-war activists, scheduled for 2pm on Monday 27 March.

Greek general strike

A banner denouncing attacks on pensions leads Greek workers, marching during a general strike against attacks on collective pay bargaining last Wednesday.

Pakistan and Kashmir earthquake didn’t get Blair’s compassion

"Disaster Fatigue" is not unlike "Weapons of Mass Destruction". It is a phrase that has been rammed into the public consciousness quicker than you can say "media spin".

French students in new rebellion

Over half of the 82 universities in France are taking part in strike action against the Tory government’s plans. Twenty five universities are in occupation.

Unity between workers and the young has put the Tory government onto the back foot

Even if spring has not officially begun, the temperature is rising very sharply on the streets in France.

This is the spirit of the 1960s

The wave of protest in France reflects anger at the CPE labour law, which would drastically undermine the job security of young workers.

Inside the occupation movement: ‘Together we are recreating our university’

We’ve been on strike at Censier for a good two weeks now and we’re entering the third week. The whole university agrees with the strike, including teachers, admin staff and other workers – it’s just the president of the university who opposes it.

Activists elected in South Africa

The Operation Khanyisa (Light-Up) movement won a council seat in the Johannesburg region in the recent South African municipal elections. The related Displaced Ratepayers’ Association won three seats in Ekurhuleni – the former East Rand.

Will Silvio Berlusconi steal Italian election?

The right wing Italian government led by Silvio Berlusconi has suffered a number of defeats since it was elected in 2001. These include local and European elections. There has been a wave of protests against its policies.

Painful Hamburg deal will affect other disputes in Germany

A deal has been reached after almost three weeks of strikes by public sector workers in Hamburg, northern Germany. The strikes, part of a series of regional actions by the Verdi public sector union, opposed increases in the working week.

Cairo Conference: discussing resistance to imperialism in Egypt

British anti-war activists have a great opportunity to join hundreds of Arab and international delegates in Egypt later this month for the fourth Cairo Conference against US intervention and occupation in the Middle East.

Anti-war protests in India and Pakistan against Bush’s visit

While a certain corner of our capital was transformed by red carpets in preparation for George Bush’s visit last week, the other corners were lined with banners, placards and posters that reflected the utmost contempt for Bush and his policies.

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