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Latest act in a bitter history of imperialism

THIS IS the latest phase of a centuries-old history of imperialism. And it is a directly colonial history which is still far from ended.

Islamophobic backlash follows murder

On Tuesday 2 November Theo van Gogh, a provocative right wing columnist and film-maker, was murdered in Amsterdam. His killer was a 26 year old man from a Moroccan background. The murder has led to a vicious racist backlash.

South Korea

The biggest workers’ rally in South Korea since 1997 took place on Sunday. Slogans included "An end to discrimination against temporary workers", "No to the Korea-Japan free trade area" and "For the withdrawal of Korean troops from Iraq". The rally was a launchpad for an indefinite strike by public sector workers to defend union rights in the face of repression by the government.

Still waiting for the ‘big battle’

THE GOVERNMENT made concessions over the issue of fuel prices, which the strike had focused on. This retreat shows they were scared of us.

Election gives a glimpse of growing social turmoil

UKRAINE IS in the midst of a general election.

A battle for the soul of the country

THERE IS an electric atmosphere in our country as we move towards an indefinite strike which will begin next Tuesday.

‘Don’t check in—check out’ say locked out US hotel workers

Some 4,300 hotel workers in San Francisco remain locked out by their employers in a dispute over pay and conditions, centring on healthcare costs.

Celebrations on the streets of Uruguay

OVER 500,000 workers and students, young and old, filled the streets of the cities of Uruguay to celebrate the election victory of Frente Amplio (Broad Front) last weekend.


NIGERIA’S MAIN trade union body is planning a second general strike to protest at fuel price rises—and this time it will target oil production.

The new, young workers showed the way at Fiat

MELFI IS a Fiat car factory in the deep south of Italy. About 10,000 people work there.

Workers have power to beat multinational

WORKERS AT the Opel car company in Germany have shown exactly how to respond to mass redundancies—by holding a lightning strike. The strike has disrupted production across Europe.

New Tory government faces strike movement

A ONE-DAY strike across most of the public sector in Greece last week signalled a serious confrontation with the Tory government of Costas Karamanlis, which is barely six months old.

Strikers fight over pay, pensions and tuition fees

BUSINESS GROUND to a halt in Benin, West Africa, on Tuesday of last week as the country’s main trade unions began a three-day strike to demand higher pay for government employees.

Secret police ‘invited’ me in for interrogation

FROM 11 to 14 October the Nigerian working class showed its potential to lead the rest of the oppressed and exploited in the fight to win a better world.

Bank workers in the frontline of new strike wave

A strike wave is under way in Brazil, reflecting growing discontent with President Lula’s Workers Party government elected in January 2003. An ongoing strike by bank workers, and action by other powerful groups, suggests the resurgence of working class struggles after years of quiet.

Britain joins the new ‘scramble for Africa’

THE MAIN proposal to come out of Blair’s trip was not debt relief or money to combat famine and AIDS.

Who can end the agony of Africa?

TO HEAR British chancellor Gordon Brown and European leaders speak you would think that Africa’s debt crisis is almost over.

Diamonds stained by blood of the Bushmen

THOUSANDS OF Bushmen have been removed from the lands where they have lived for many generations and taken to resettlement camps.

Imprisoned for refusing to join the slaughter

For three days I have been held in the court prisons of Corinth.

Trade unionists and turtles—united at last

PARK WARDENS on the tiny Galapagos islands have won an environmental victory after two weeks of strikes.

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