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Pakistan protests throw Musharraf’s regime into crisis

A growing crisis threatens military rule in Pakistan, a key US ally in the "war on terror".

Outrage after Indian state kills peasants in Nandigram

"Bodies were scattered all over the paddy fields, smeared with blood. The injured were screaming for help – and police kept kicking them."

Teachers in Iran face repression

Around 1,000 teachers were arrested in the Iranian capital Tehran on Wednesday of last week, as they gathered for what would have been their third protest outside Iran’s parliament in recent weeks.

Revolt from below can bring down the regime in Zimbabwe

Thirty-year old Nelson is waiting and hoping for a mass riot. Like many other residents of the Highfield township in Harare, he knows Zimbabwe is on a knife-edge.

George Bush runs gauntlet in Latin America

Brazil Demonstrations marking International Women’s Day were different this year. They were organised to protest against inequality between men and women, but also to protest against the visit of George Bush.

Facing brutality in Zimbabwe

The turmoil in Zimbabwe reached new heights this week as the government unleashed a further wave of repression.

Reconstructing Lebanon

Dahieh Thousands of Shiite Muslims packed into the Master of the Martyrs hall in Dahieh, South Beirut, earlier this year for the climax of the Achoura festival – their most important religious date. It is incredible to see thousands packed into the Wembley Arena sized venue for the solemn ceremony. More amazing still is the fact that less than five months ago this hall was a burned out shell after being destroyed by dozens of Israeli missiles.

Photos of reconstruction in Lebanon after Israeli attacks

50,000 Greek students protest in Athens

Around 50,000 students took to the streets of Athens, Greece, on Thursday of last week against the right wing government’s plans to introduce new managers into universities. A huge movement of strikes and occupations has stopped the government changing the constitution to allow private universities, so the government plans to introduce changes by stealth. More demonstrations were planned for Thursday of this week.

Guinea strike wins new PM

The general strike in Guinea, West Africa, ended this week after President Lansana Conte appointed a prime minister from a list supplied by the trade unions.

Strike wave grows in Egypt

Egypt’s winter of discontent is growing. Following victories in major strikes last month, 13,000 workers at the Samanoud textile factory walked out on Thursday of last week, demanding an increase in food allowances.

Growing resistance in Zimbabwe shakes Mugabe’s government

Zimbabwe in southern Africa slides deeper into crisis every day – but there are also signs of renewed resistance.

Iraq poverty survey

A third of the population of occupied Iraq now live in poverty -many more than prior to the US-led invasion.

Revolt in Vicenza, Italy at new US base

More than 120,000 people crammed into the streets of Vicenza in the north of Italy on Saturday of last week to oppose a new US military base at the Dal Molin airfield.

'How we won the abortion referendum in Portugal'

The referendum on abortion last Sunday was the second national vote on the issue. The question put was the same as in 1998 – "Do you agree with decriminalising abortion when requested by women, up to 10 weeks into pregnancy, and performed in an authorised clinic?"

Success of Woza 'Valentine's Day' demonstrations in Zimbabwe despite arrests

Two thousand members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (Woza) and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (Moza) took to the streets of Harare and Bulawayo on Tuesday 13 February – a day ahead of Valentine's Day – hoping to catch the police napping. The peaceful protests marked Woza's fifth Valentine's Day procession.

Pictures of Woza demo in Harare, Zimbabwe

Tension and reconstruction in south Lebanon

Aitaroun is typical of the border villages of south Lebanon that were occupied during last year’s war. Town representative Najab Kousan explains that 150 houses and businesses were destroyed with a further 45 bulldozed and 250 in need of repair.

Pictures from south Lebanon

Egypt: revolt of the hungry

It began in Egypt’s biggest factory in December with a strike of 27,000 textile workers. Then it spread to other textile mills across the Nile Delta.

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