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World Social Forum: a rolling carnival of resistance in Kenya

World Social Forum: a rolling carnival of resistance in Kenya

Lebanon: general strike paralyses the country

Workers in Beirut set fire to rubbish bins as a general strike against the US-backed government paralysed the country this week. There are pickets and barricades across most major roads.

Greek student movement fights neoliberal privatisation plans

Some 240 university departments across Greece are being occupied by their students in a wave of action that is threatening to derail the right wing New Democracy government.

Protesters take on the right in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third largest city, has become the focus of the growing battle between supporters of left wing president Evo Morales and right wing governors who are demanding autonomy for key oil and gas producing regions.

Chavez launches new party in Venezuela

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has recently announced that  the current governing coalition, the Movement for the Fifth Republic (MVR), should be dissolved, making way for the construction of a new United Socialist Party (PSUV).

US offers aid to crush Hamas

Condoleezza Rice is fuelling the threat of civil war in Palestine. In a recent visit to Israel the US secretary of state promised $85 million in military aid to the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to fight the popularly elected Hamas government.

Moroccan sit-in at Dewhirst continues

The 486 sacked workers at the British clothing manufacturer Dewhirst in Morocco were continuing their protest this week.

Lebanese workers protest against privatisation and tax

Lebanese workers shout anti-government slogans outside the telecommunications ministry in a protest against privatisation and tax increases.

Dewhirst sit-in in Morocco

Workers at Dewhirst’s factory in Tangiers, Morocco, are staging a sit-in outside the factory gates after the company sacked 486 workers.

Egyptian strikers beat privatisation

In late December over 20,000 Egyptian textile workers in Mahal el-Kubra went on strike against privatisation and won.

Victory for Zanon (Fasinpat) workers in Argentina

Despite protests from creditors the Zanon ceramics factory in Neuquen Argentina has won a historic three extension of its license to operate as a workers cooperative. The threat of eviction has temporarily been lifted and the factory continues to grow and increase output under workers control.

Pictures of Zanon workers

Ethiopia joins Bush’s imperialist crusade

The recent Ethiopian invasion of Somalia is a direct product of the US-British "war on terror". It threatens to further destabilise a region which has repeatedly been torn apart by war and famine.

Victory for Kalahari Bushmen

On Wednesday 13 December, the Basarwa (Bushmen) of the Kalahari in Botswana celebrated a tremendous victory. After a two-year long court struggle the Botswana High Court ruled in favour of Roy Sesana, the leader of the Basarwa human rights organisation First People of the Kalahari (FPK) and close to 200 other Basarwa, that they were unlawfully forced off their ancestral land.

Student protests in Serbia beat attacks

Following on from their French and the Greek colleagues earlier this year, Serbian students have helped roll back the neoliberal offensive on higher education in Europe.

United protests put Lebanese government on the defensive

Beirut has become the focus of a new movement that is challenging the US-backed government and the political system that put them in power.

Election victory shows Venezuelan masses’ radical mood

Hugo Chavez has once again been elected to the presidency of Venezuela with just under 62 percent of the total vote, an increase on previous elections and referendums. More than ever, it was an election posed in stark class terms.

Socialists gain in the Dutch elections

The elections of 23 November resulted in a historic breakthrough for the Socialist Party (SP). For the first time, parties to the left of Labour received a combined vote higher than Labour itself. The SP is now the third biggest party in parliament. All the ruling parties have lost seats and none of their planned coalitions will be able to form a majority government.

Ecuador: banana tycoon slips up as left candidate elected

Left wing candidate Rafael Correa looks set to become Ecuador’s president following elections last Sunday.

Opposition demands real change in Lebanon

The Lebanese opposition movement, led by Hizbollah, the Communist Party and the predominantly Christian Free Patriotic Movement, has called on its supporters to begin a street campaign to oust the US-backed government of Fouad Siniora.

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