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Greek primary schools all-out strike ends as Tories retreat

Primary school teachers in Greece ended their six week all-out strike on Monday of this week over pay and the government’s plans for education.

People in occupied Iraq slide into poverty

Once it boasted the most advanced health service in the Middle East, an education system that turned out generations of skilled workers and a population that consumed the most books in the Arab world.

Greek teachers fight on into sixth week of strike

Greek primary school teachers protested in Athens last week and began their sixth week on strike this Monday. They are fighting for better pay and for a decent education service. The strike is piling pressure on the Tory government, and linking up with other struggles against its plans for education. Secondary school teachers are striking for three days a week, other unions have taken action so their members could join teachers’ protests, and several universities have been occupied against privatisation plans. A mass rally was set for Athens this week after unions rejected government concessions.

Orhan Pamuk’s Nobel Prize throws Turkish nationalists

We may have our own views about Orhan Pamuk’s novels, but there can be no doubt that Pamuk richly deserves the prize both in literary terms and as a man with deeply-held views which he is not afraid to express regardless of the consequences.

Statement on the North Korean Nuclear Test

On October 9, North Korea announced that it had just conducted a nuclear test. The test came just six days after an official statement by the Foreign Ministry that North Korea would proceed with such a test. Experts had warned unequivocally that the North Korean government in Pyongyang wasn't simply bluffing this time. But the US administration, by ignoring such warnings and responding with the usual blackmail, practically asked for this to happen.

Greek primary school teachers' strike

Around 50,000 primary school teachers and their supporters marched in Athens, Greece last week as part of the teachers’ all-out strike over pay. The four week strike has rocked the Tory government. The pressure against the right was intensified after the death of postal workers’ official Manolis Gourniezakis when he tried to stop right wing thugs tampering with a union ballot box

US hypocrisy over North Korean nuclear test

George Bush reacted to North Korea’s first nuclear test by calling for "an immediate response from the United Nations security council". The tests, he said, were "unacceptable".

Third World used as a dumping ground for toxic waste

People in one of Africa’s poorest countries are recovering from being deluged with toxic waste. The recent emergency in the West African state of Ivory Coast has highlighted the way Western multinationals and governments dump waste on the Third World to evade controls and save money.

What has gone wrong with Rifondazione Comunista?

A major crisis has opened up on the Italian left since the election of the centre-left government in April. The main radical left party Rifondazione Comunista is part of this government

Brazil: 6.5m vote for left alternative

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the Workers’ Party (PT) won 49 percent of the votes in the presidential election in Brazil last Sunday.

From hope to despair in four years

Lula was first elected as president of Brazil in 2002. He raised hope among millions of ordinary Brazilians that change was on its way.

Crisis in Hungary

In May, Hungarian voters returned the reigning socialist-liberal coalition to office, hoping that it might continue its moderate policies which claimed a balance between neo-liberal orthodoxy and a few elements of social justice.

Resisting the Thai military’s assault on democracy

A military junta in Thailand staged a coup and overthrew the democratically elected prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra on the evening of Tuesday 19 September.

Election warning from Germany

The recent German regional state elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern brought losses for the Left Party - the former East German Communist Party the PDS - and gains for the Nazi NPD party.

US ‘dodgy dossier’ on Iran exposed as lies

The warmongers have been caught red handed again - this time using lies to spin the case for a war on Iran.

Israel breaks ceasefire - and the UN turns a blind eye

The United Nations (UN) has broken its pledge to protect Lebanon from Israeli attacks, saying instead that it will focus on disarming the resistance.

The democratic convention: a step forward for democracy in Mexico

Last Saturday the civil resistance movement in Mexico held a national democratic convention in the capital Mexico City.

Zimbabwe government cracks down on opposition

Zimbabwe’s government launched a brutal series of arrests last week when workers held a protest for basic rights.

After coup dictatorship rules Thailand

Last night the military staged a coup against the elected, but controversial, government of Thaksin Shinawatra. In the tradition of all Thai military coups for the last 60 years, the dictatorship claimed to have staged the coup in order to "reform politics" and "protect democracy". They said they had "no interest in taking personal power" and would be "returning power to the people as soon as possible". And in the tradition of many previous coups they later sought and received support from the monarchy.

Statement against the coup in Thailand

A group of people under the name of the "Administrative Reform Council (ARC) under the Democratic System" have staged a coup d'etat and removed power from a government elected under the constitution that was drafted by the people. Abolishing the constitution, harassing the media, and putting an end to the independent agencies are acts regarded as abolishing the system of parliamentary democracy. This act will lead to the same outcome as previous coups that had happened in Thai society.

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