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Election warning from Germany

The recent German regional state elections in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern brought losses for the Left Party - the former East German Communist Party the PDS - and gains for the Nazi NPD party.

US ‘dodgy dossier’ on Iran exposed as lies

The warmongers have been caught red handed again - this time using lies to spin the case for a war on Iran.

Israel breaks ceasefire - and the UN turns a blind eye

The United Nations (UN) has broken its pledge to protect Lebanon from Israeli attacks, saying instead that it will focus on disarming the resistance.

The democratic convention: a step forward for democracy in Mexico

Last Saturday the civil resistance movement in Mexico held a national democratic convention in the capital Mexico City.

Zimbabwe government cracks down on opposition

Zimbabwe’s government launched a brutal series of arrests last week when workers held a protest for basic rights.

After coup dictatorship rules Thailand

Last night the military staged a coup against the elected, but controversial, government of Thaksin Shinawatra. In the tradition of all Thai military coups for the last 60 years, the dictatorship claimed to have staged the coup in order to "reform politics" and "protect democracy". They said they had "no interest in taking personal power" and would be "returning power to the people as soon as possible". And in the tradition of many previous coups they later sought and received support from the monarchy.

Statement against the coup in Thailand

A group of people under the name of the "Administrative Reform Council (ARC) under the Democratic System" have staged a coup d'etat and removed power from a government elected under the constitution that was drafted by the people. Abolishing the constitution, harassing the media, and putting an end to the independent agencies are acts regarded as abolishing the system of parliamentary democracy. This act will lead to the same outcome as previous coups that had happened in Thai society.

Thailand: background to the coup

On the evening of 19 September a military junta calling itself "The reform committee in the democratic system with a monarchy as head of state" staged a coup and overthrew the democratically elected, but controversial, Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Don’t let imperialists hijack Iran's movement from below

The next few months will be decisive ones for the "war on terror" as the US steps up its pressure on Iran. The Iranian nuclear issue is back on the agenda, with the passing of another United Nations (UN) deadline and another "negative report". This external pressure has implications for politics inside Iran.

Tony Blair in Beirut: fury at war criminal’s state visit

‘As I speak thousands of Lebanese people are streaming in from the southern suburbs of Beirut to protest against Blair. The demonstration is very mixed - there are Christians, Shia and Sunni, family groups and flags from all sorts of parties.

Blair’s Beirut press conference disrupted

One protester from the Samidoun network of activists managed to get into Blair’s press conference in Beirut and disrupt it in front of the world’s media.

Zimbabwe braces for action

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has called for nationwide demonstrations for today, Wednesday 13 September in what the union has termed ‘Operation tatambura: usadherere mushandi’ we are suffering: don’t take workers for granted. The ZCTU is demanding salary increments aligned to the poverty line which would currently require more than double what most workers are earning. In addition the union is demanding a reduction of income tax to a maximum of 30% and access to anti-retroviral drugs for the treatment of HIV/Aids..

Mexico: key moment in democracy battle

Friday 1 September was a key date in the battle against electoral fraud in Mexico. Outgoing president Vicente Fox was set to give his last annual state of the nation speech to Congress.

Anger grows as Turkish parliament prepares for vote on troops for Lebanon

As Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday of this week, the Turkish parliament was set to vote on sending troops to Lebanon as part of the United Nations (UN) force.

Strike victory in Bangladesh

Workers in Bangladesh staged a national hartal (general strike) on Wednesday of last week. The victorious strike followed the shooting dead of six demonstrators protesting against a plan by a British company to construct an opencast mine.

Chilean miners’ action ends

Miners at Escondida, Chile’s largest copper mine, returned to work on Monday of this week, ending a 25-day strike. They have won an 8 percent pay rise and one-off bonuses worth £8,920.

Turkish troops for Lebanon: doing Israel’s dirty work

This time round, the Turkish government got what it wanted. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül, perhaps the only two people in the country who had no reservations about sending troops to Lebanon, brought the vote in parliament as far forward as legally possible and railroaded their own party’s deputies into voting in favour. We needed 85 to vote against, only 15 did so. The government spent hours explaining how the troops would not fight, not touch Hizbollah, not do anything to help anyone but the Lebanese!

General strike in Palestine

A general strike in Palestine this week by public sector workers brought services to a halt in much of the area run by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Crucial battle in Chile against global mine bosses

The Escondida opencast copper mine is the biggest in the world. The miners work in harsh conditions - at altitudes of 10,000 feet in the Atacama desert, north Chile.

Mexican state clashes with a movement that has taken over the city centre of Oaxaca

Oaxaca, a city in southern Mexico, has become the scene of nightly pitched battles in which striking teachers have been attacked by armed police and paramilitaries.

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