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Fighting for their jobs against British bosses

WORKERS AT the Filtrona factory in Switzerland—owned by the British-based company Bunzl—are engaged in a bitter fight to save their factory from closure.

State clampdown on the ‘Saudi Spring’

A few days before last week’s attack by armed militants on the US consulate in the port city of Jeddah, a scuffle was taking place outside a courthouse in the capital, Riyadh. 

Help free Matthews Ndlovu

MATTHEWS NDLOVU, a South African activist fighting against privatisation, has been sentenced to two years in jail for "malicious damage to property".

Energy workers in their thousands take to the streets against privatisation

TWO PROTESTS in Pakistan have shown growing opposition to the privatisation policies of General Musharraf’s military regime.

Egypt: signs of new fightback

"EVERY TIME a worker from the factory dies, it is always from cancer—lung cancer, bone cancer, or leukemia,"says Shaban Khaled.

'We will burn this city down'

"You can almost smell fear in the air. Al-Arish and Sheikh Zoayyed are ghost towns. Police officers warn citizens, ‘This city has to be put to rights’."

‘Coca-Cola is stealing our water and our land’

INDIA IS the scene of a major battle between the Coca-Cola corporation and farmers who live in the areas that surround their bottling plants.

Protesters give Bush a massive ‘unwelcome’

THE MOVEMENT only had two weeks notice. The Canadian government thought there wouldn’t be time for anti-war protesters to mobilise—they were wrong.

Oil workers demand right to share profits they make

THE BANNER on the main gate of the National Refinery at Karachi, the largest oil refinery in Pakistan, read, "For the past 41 years, who has been producing profits at National Refinery? We have. So who should be the owner of National Refinery? Us."

Working like oxen, but fighting like tigers

Every hour 15 Chinese workers are killed in industrial accidents. More than 120 million "peasant workers" who have migrated into the cities are "getting up earlier than roosters, and working harder than oxen, but eating less than pigs eat".

Workers gunned down for going on strike in Philippines

THE KILLING of 14 people on a picket line at a sugar plantation in the Philippines has shocked the country. The family of former president Cory Aquino, who own the plantation, have been implicated in the killings.

Egypt: Poisoned by their bosses and then denied their pay

WORKERS EMPLOYED by the Egyptian-Spanish Company for Asbestos Products in Cairo began a sit-in at the company on Saturday 20 November.

Chileans have many reasons to hate Bush

FIFTY THOUSAND demonstrators greeted George Bush on his arrival in Santiago, Chile, for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting of 21 Pacific Rim nations.

Ripping the mask of respectability from Fini

GIANFRANCO FINI has been appointed as the new Italian foreign minister. Fini leads the "post-fascist" Alleanza Nazionale—the reincarnation of the old fascist party the MSI.

The black majority still live in poverty under the ANC

THE SOUTH African government’s actions over the telecom industry have focused all the feeling about how only an elite has benefited in the post-apartheid economy.

Rage and repression after Israeli attack

Tanks rolled onto the streets of Cairo, Egypt, last Monday after student protests erupted across the country.

Latest act in a bitter history of imperialism

THIS IS the latest phase of a centuries-old history of imperialism. And it is a directly colonial history which is still far from ended.

Islamophobic backlash follows murder

On Tuesday 2 November Theo van Gogh, a provocative right wing columnist and film-maker, was murdered in Amsterdam. His killer was a 26 year old man from a Moroccan background. The murder has led to a vicious racist backlash.

South Korea

The biggest workers’ rally in South Korea since 1997 took place on Sunday. Slogans included "An end to discrimination against temporary workers", "No to the Korea-Japan free trade area" and "For the withdrawal of Korean troops from Iraq". The rally was a launchpad for an indefinite strike by public sector workers to defend union rights in the face of repression by the government.

Still waiting for the ‘big battle’

THE GOVERNMENT made concessions over the issue of fuel prices, which the strike had focused on. This retreat shows they were scared of us.

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