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Mubarak steps up repression

About 50 people picketed the Egyptian embassy in London last Saturday against the continuing arrests and beatings of democracy activists in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

Athens ESF: movements debate and plan for action

The fourth European Social Forum (ESF) met in Athens at a crucial point following the victory of the French movement against new labour laws and as the US threat of military attack against Iran gathers pace.

Rage in Basra as British kill five

Anger at Britain’s occupation of southern Iraq is growing, with Iraqis demanding that British troops halt all low level flights over neighbourhoods and withdraw all troops from the cities.

Democracy activists detained in Cairo

Egyptian state security forces have arrested 11 democracy activists as part of a crackdown on the opposition Kifaya movement.

Egypt’s regime steps up the repression

Egyptian security forces last week seized leading members of the Kifaya movement – Enough in Arabic – during an attack on a sit-in held in support of a protest by 80 judges in the capital, Cairo.

ESF in Greece will see beginning of a hot summer of struggle

Activists from all over Europe and the Middle East will arrive in Athens this week to participate in the 4th European Social Forum (ESF).


Evo Morales, Bolivia’s radical president, addressed crowds of supporters on Monday to announce he had ordered troops into the country’s gas fields. "The time has come – a historic day on which Bolivia retakes absolute control of our natural resources," he said. "The looting by foreign companies has ended." The mass movement that brought Morales to power has long demanded nationalisation of the gas fields.

US immigrants strike to defend their rights

It was a May Day to remember in the US. Well over a million immigrants and their supporters marched in towns and cities across the country on Monday. Workers struck in order to show what a "day without immigrants" would be like, and school students walked out of classes.

Anti-war marchers in US say troops home now

Hundreds of thousands marched through New York City (NYC) last Saturday in a demonstration for peace, justice, and democracy. Marchers demanded that the US pull its troops out of Iraq and protested against the possibility of a war in Iran.

Nepal: new forces join the struggle

The indefinite general strike in Nepal demanding democracy and an end to rule by the king was entering its third week as Socialist Worker went to press.

Expect a bumpy ride after Italian election

The Italian general election result revealed one basic truth about parliamentary politics – the people who generally run society are not elected.

Movement in France set for new battles

Activists in France involved in the mass movement against the CPE youth employment laws say their victory is only the first step in a wider campaign against neo-liberalism.

Peruvians vote for a change of direction

When Washington looks at Latin America these days, the alarm bells must be ringing. In Bolivia, a vibrant mass movement brought Evo Morales to the presidency in December.

Bolivian migrants protest in Argentina

Some 5,000 Bolivian migrant workers brought the Floresta district of Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a standstill on Wednesday of last week. The placard reads: "Factory Owners the party is over!"

Nepal: general strike continues despite repression

Massive state repression has failed to break a general strike that began in Nepal on Thursday of last week. The strike is backed by all the main political parties, including the Maoist rebels who control much of the countryside.

World Social Forum in Pakistan is a success

Over 30,000 people attended the Karachi World Social Forum (WSF) held in Pakistan from 24 to 29 March.

A million march for immigrant rights in Los Angeles

Immigrants to the US and their supporters held a massive march through Los Angeles, California, last weekend. They were protesting against a planned crackdown on illegal immigrants. According to census figures, immigrants, many from Latin America, make up 28 percent of the population of the state

Cairo conference: anti-war spirit feeds wider anger in Egypt

"Keep the movement on the streets" was the message of the Fourth Cairo Conference against imperialism and globalisation, which was held in the Egyptian capital last week.

Protest against the repression of Korean anti-war activists

The Korean anti-war movement is organising a demonstration outside a court hearing for eight anti-war activists, scheduled for 2pm on Monday 27 March.

Greek general strike

A banner denouncing attacks on pensions leads Greek workers, marching during a general strike against attacks on collective pay bargaining last Wednesday.

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