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Angry end to Zambian miners' strike

A BITTER strike in Zambia’s copper mines ended last week with some concessions by managers, but with many workers angry that their union leaders had sold them short.

Portugal's pensions battle is under way

A PUBLIC sector general strike took place in Portugal on 15 July. The strike followed a large demonstration in July, and strikes by teachers, nurses and other groups of workers.

Australians on the offensive to stop anti-union laws

More than 300,000 workers protested in towns and cities across Australia recently against proposed anti-union laws.

The South African revolt against poverty

Around 200,000 South African local government workers struck for a day on Tuesday over pay.

The cost of China’s booming economy

At least 22 miners died and 60 others were missing after a gas explosion ripped through a coal mine in northwest China’s Xinjiang region on Monday.

Indian students face police assault

University authorities unleashed police and troops to smash up student protests in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India, last month.

Afghanistan shattered by imperialism

Seventeen villagers were killed in a "precision" US bombing raid on Friday of last week. Not in Iraq, but in Afghanistan — a country that was "liberated" over three and half years ago.

Iraqi hospitals in the firing line

Iraqi doctors say they have been harassed, beaten, threatened and sometimes even attacked by US and US-backed Iraqi forces during recent military adventures in al-Qa’im and Haditha.

US occupation under pressure

The US-led occupation of Iraq lurched further into crisis this week as defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was forced to admit that resistance in the country might last for years.

Eyewitness to the Zimbabwean war on the poor which has torn apart the lives of so many

THE government’s "clean up" campaign has left over a million people displaced, refugees in their own country. Around 300,000 kids have dropped out of school as a result of the displacements.

Divisions at heart of South Africa’s rulers

THABO MBEKI, the president of South Africa, fired deputy president Jacob Zuma, the country’s second most powerful politician, last week.

Solid strikes rock Greek Tories

Greece was heading for a general strike on Friday of this week in a further sign of the Europe-wide rebellion against neo-liberalism. Over 50,000 bank workers have been on strike for over two weeks.

Powerful support in Germany for a new unity on the left

The prospect of a united left electoral challenge has thrown the establishment parties in Germany into panic.

Warsaw gay and lesbian Equality Parade

Polish demonstrators on the recent Equality Parade in Warsaw for gay and lesbian rights. The march went ahead despite attempts to ban it. The 10,000-strong march is a sign of increasing confidence

Iranian elections set to test reform movement

Iran’s presidential election on Friday this week was set to be a major test for the reform movement that has emerged in the country over the last decade.

Indian protesters march against Coca-Cola bottling factory

Hundreds of protesters marched against a Coca-Cola factory in Kerala, south India, on Thursday of last week to demand that the plant be permanently shut down.

Bolivian rebellion topples president

For the second time in three years, the Bolivian mass movement has brought down a president. Carlos Mesa resigned on 6 June as peasants, workers and students continued to demonstrate their strength and their resolve in the streets of La Paz, Sucre and other major cities.

‘We can paralyse Bolivia’

‘We have temporarily avoided the manoeuvres of the transnational corporations, the US government, the Santa Cruz elite and the traditional Bolivian political parties.

Bolivia's movements face a choice

‘The people now have a decision to make. The social movements must make a choice of how to proceed — postpone the fight, or continue the battle right now?

Cairo protesters facing threats

Egyptian authorities are continuing to persecute women protesters who were attacked and humiliated at the Kifaya democracy demonstration in Cairo on 25 May.

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