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Mass protests and strikes greet Bush in Argentina

Mar del Plata was practically militarised during the summit, and security fences separated the presidents from the people.

France: rage of the poor

The slums of France have risen in revolt.

Despair behind the French riots

Seine-Saint-Denis, on the outskirts of Paris, is known as the Banlieue Rouge, the red suburb.

Italian students

A wave of student demonstrations and occupations has swept through Italian cities, including in Rome, against the government’s plans to increase privatisation of higher education.

Zimbabweans fight repression

Around 200 trade unionists were arrested in Zimbabwe on Tuesday as they tried to hold protests. The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) had called the day of action over food shortages and other issues.

US sprays death from the air in Colombia

I became interested in this issue after speaking to people in Colombia. One woman told me she was working in the fields with her family when aeroplanes came down and started spraying.

Left Party congress is a step forward

Several hundred people gathered in Athens last weekend for the second Congress of the European Left Party. This unites a number of socialist and communist parties — including Respect — which oppose the European Union’s neo-liberal agenda and support participation in the broad movements that have gathered strength in recent years.

Italy’s student revolt

A huge series of demonstrations and occupations in Italy over the last few weeks has seen the return of the student movement. Students across the country have been protesting against the new university bill recently introduced by the ministry of education.

Schiphol disaster

Eleven detained refugees were killed in a fire at the Schiphol airport prison last week. The deaths were a direct result of racist anti-immigrant policies and negligence of safety regulations. The Dutch government is to blame.

Italian left’s primary colour is not red

Two weekends ago there was a big mobilsation against the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Brazilian activists leave Lula’s party to join radical force

The Brazilian Workers’ Party, known by its Portuguese initials of PT, of president Lula continues to reel from crisis to crisis.

War and attacks on criticism intensify in Turkey

Hrant Dink, editor of Turkey’s Armenian language weekly newspaper Agos, has received a six month suspended sentence for "insulting Turks" after comments on the Armenian genocide.

Left Bloc makes gains in Portugal

The local elections in Portugal were a disaster for the ruling centre left Socialist Party and its allies. They also saw a significant increase in votes for the radical Left Bloc.

Italians say no to Bolkestein

A 50,000 strong demonstration took place in Rome on Sunday of last week to protest against the Bolkestein directive, a proposal by the European Commission to privatise public services and attack workers’ rights.

Trumpet of liberation sounds out in Africa

Amid the suffering in southern Africa, one event last week was a powerful sign of resistance and hope.

Coming together to bring change

One of the best aspects of the Southern Africa Social Forum was the way it attracted groups like market traders and cross-border traders — very significant groups in southern Africa — and welded them into unity with workers. 

The Zimbabwean crisis could increase struggle

Zimbabwe is in crisis. Rampant inflation, soon to hit 400 percent a year, has debased the currency, wiped out the livelihoods of people on fixed pensions and cut almost everyone’s living standards.

Pakistan’s poorest feel the aftershock

Within a matter of weeks winter will bring snow to the mountains in Kashmir and temperatures will drop below zero. Without shelter, food or warm clothing thousands of people who have already lost loved ones and friends in the recent earthquake will perish.

The occupation and oppression of Kashmir

The state of Jammu and Kashmir, where most of the casualties caused by the earthquake occurred, has been a bone of contention between India and Pakistan since 1947. India was partitioned by the British after a long fought freedom struggle.

The US launches a new reign of terror

The United Nations (UN) has accused the US military of war crimes in their offensives against towns and cities in western Iraq.

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