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Brazilian left gains as corruption scandal haunts Lula

A growing number of rank and file members of Brazil’s ruling Workers Party rejected the rightward drift of the Lula government and the party leadership in internal elections held on Sunday 18 September.

Kalahari Bushmen driven off their land

Protesters gathered last week outside the De Beers diamond shop in London in solidarity with the Kalahari Bushmen in Botswana, southern Africa.

International round-up

Peru Peru’s government, led by president Alejandro Toledo, is facing a rising tide of strikes.

Washington protest biggest since Iraq war started

Hundreds of thousands of people protested in Washington last Saturday showing that the movement against the Iraq war is ­growing in strength across the US.

Italian MEP reveals deportation horror

One of the European countries that receives high numbers of asylum seekers is Italy. It is now common for unscrupulous boat owners to throw their human cargo overboard with horrific consequences.

Maldives: facing a nightmare in an island paradise

President Gayoom is the longest serving dictator in Asia having ruled the state for 27 years.

The Zapatistas launch their ‘Other Campaign’

Eleven years and nine months have elapsed since the fateful New Year’s Day 1994 when the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) conquered San Cristobal de las Casas, the capital of the Mexican state of Chiapas.

UN summit has failed the world’s poorest people

The United Nations (UN) summit in New York last week utterly failed the world’s poorest people. Leaders have dashed hopes and squandered opportunities — and empty promises cost lives.

Reject the poisoned crumbs thrown by the rich

There were some glimmers of progress, but overall the tone of this summit has been bleak and depressing.

Funding gap will have devastating effects

I know many people were uplifted by the agreement at the UN summit of a "Responsibility to Protect" citizens against genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

Venezuela: a society undergoing a radical transformation

To understand what is happening in Venezuela you have to go back to 1989 when there was a rebellion which became known as the Caracazo.

Three amazing days of freedom in Gaza

The last Israeli troops left during the night. As dawn broke small crowds of Palestinians began to filter in. They were wandering among the ruins with a mixture of curiosity, excitement and relief.

March against election fraud in Egypt

Thousands of activists defied riot police to march through the Egyptian capital of Cairo last Saturday chanting "Mubarak is a thief" after a presidential election marred by fraud and intimidation.

Land still in hands of the few in South Africa

The background to this whole debate is the history of colonial and apartheid era land dispossession. In 1996 white people still owned and controlled over 80 percent of farm land, despite being only 11 percent of the population.

University strike challenges Lula

University professors and staff in Brazil have begun a national strike for salary increases to match inflation and for free, public and high quality education.

World Social Forum: three crucial gatherings

The next World Social Forum (WSF) will take place simultaneously in three cities — Caracas in Venezuela, Karachi in Pakistan and Bamako in Mali. It is set to take place from 25-29 January 2006.

German establishment closes ranks against the left

Ever Since its launch in July, Linkspartei has been picking up significant support across the German working class. This has predictably led to a concerted smear campaign against Oskar Lafontaine, the party’s best known leader.

Building workers win first legal strike in Gulf state

Some 600 construction workers in the Gulf state of Qatar were celebrating last week after they won the first legal strike in the country’s history.

Turkish novelist faces charges for mentioning genocide

Turkey’s most acclaimed novelist, Orhan Pamuk, faces a possible three years in jail after being charged last week with "publicly denigrating Turkish identity".

How the US occupation is murdering the truth

Waleed Khaled was shot by US troops last week while working for Reuters TV. In response US army spokesman General Rick Lynch claimed that the US soldiers "took appropriate measures".

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