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Hugo Chavez sparks debate on socialism

Over 20,000 young people, the vast majority from Latin America, attended the recent World Festival for Youth and Students in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

Two visions at the heart of the Bolivarian revolution

In the seven years since he was first elected to Venezuela’s presidency, Hugo Chavez’s government has faced three direct challenges.

The US mood swings against Iraq war

You can really see that the tide of opinion in the US has been turning against the Iraq war over the last few months.

An activist in Niger analyses the crisis

Famine has gripped all regions of Niger. There are nearly four million people on the edge of starvation across the country.

Cindy Sheehan shows Bush is now losing in Iraq and at home

For the past week Cindy Sheehan has camped outside George Bush’s ranch in Texas demanding the opportunity to ask him why her son Casey was sent to die in an illegal and immoral war.

What’s behind the Gaza pullout?

To great international fanfare, Israel this week began its pull-out from the Gaza Strip.

Neo-liberalism is central to Japanese election

Hundreds of activists and rank and file trade unionists in front of the MPs' Chamber near Japanese Parliament cheered and applauded when they heard the announcement "Vote for Post Privatisation Bill, 108. Vote against, 125". It was on 8 August, in between the memorial days of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

South African miners strike forces concessions

South African miners strike forces concessions

Doctors speak out over Iraq

Doctors for Iraq, a group set up to oppose the war, is warning of an urgent health and humanitarian crisis unfolding as the US launches new attacks on the towns of Haditha, Rawa, Parwana and Heet in the west of Iraq.

South African workers in key battles for justice

OUR MEMBERS have come out 100 percent countrywide in support of the battle. All the main mine companies—AngloGold, Gold Fields, Harmony, South Deep—are stopped.

Echoes of apartheid repression in South African municipal workers strike

Around 180,000 municipal (council) workers are also on indefinite strike.

Iraq: peaceful protesters shot down, but still deeper problems for the US

The US-led occupation of Iraq lurched further into the quagmire last week as the coalition body count crossed the 2,000 mark.

How the G8 helped bring famine to Niger

The current food crisis in Niger is the clearest indictment of the "deal for Africa" agreed by the G8 last month. The deal continues to push the very neo-liberal reforms that are responsible for the unfolding disaster.

Warmer tropical oceans fuel the risk of drought in Africa

A paper in Science magazine in November 2003 showed that rainfall in the Niger region is driven by temperatures in the nearby south Atlantic and Indian oceans.

US workers call for troops out of Iraq

The AFL-CIO union federation in the US, which represents millions of US workers, last week sent out a strong message against George Bush. Delegates to its convention voted to call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and the quick return of US troops.

What’s behind the divisions in the AFL-CIO union federation?

The decision of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Teamsters unions to disaffiliate from the AFL-CIO federation last week has created a huge debate inside the trade union movement in the US.

A tangled web of loyalties and distrust

The US has been a close ally of Pakistan, although there have been periods when the US has imposed sanctions on Pakistan or distanced itself from its ally.

Angry end to Zambian miners' strike

A BITTER strike in Zambia’s copper mines ended last week with some concessions by managers, but with many workers angry that their union leaders had sold them short.

Portugal's pensions battle is under way

A PUBLIC sector general strike took place in Portugal on 15 July. The strike followed a large demonstration in July, and strikes by teachers, nurses and other groups of workers.

Australians on the offensive to stop anti-union laws

More than 300,000 workers protested in towns and cities across Australia recently against proposed anti-union laws.

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