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Protesters show anger at Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has launched a crackdown on protesters and activists in West Bank cities.

Heat wave shows climate danger

A heat wave across the US pacific northwest is a reminder of how climate change can lead to weather events that are potentially “life-endangering”.

Nine Catalan political prisoners freed, but the struggle is far from over

The nine were arrested in the wake of the 2017 Catalan independence referendum for their involvement in organising the vote, demonstrations and mass civil disobedience.

Poor result for Nazis in France—but not over yet

Just one in three potential voters took part in the first round of regional elections across France last Sunday.

US drives up pressure on Iran after election

Iran’s presidential election has the US and Israel rallying their allies in the Middle East, reports Nick Clark

Crisis intensifies within the DUP

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) is about to select its third leader this year. Which is a lot for a party ­steadfastly against change.

International round up: Election boycott shakes ruling regime

Millions of people in Algeria, north Africa, boycotted elections held on Saturday as a sign of their continuing opposition to the ruling regime.

Thousands take to the streets in France as threat of fascism and racism rises

Tens of thousands of people marched across France on Saturday against racism, the far right and the government's assaults on liberties.

Right wing plots and manoeuvres after left wins Peru’s election

On Thursday morning Pedro Castillo had received 50.22 percent of the vote and right wing Keiko Fujimori had taken 49.77 percent.

Peruvian elections are a challenge to the elite

There could be tense battles ahead after the Peruvian presidential election, reports Sophie Squire

International round up: School strikers defy regime’s violence in Myanmar

Fierce resistance to the military regime in Myanmar is continuing, despite a renewed state crackdown.

New Israeli leadership will continue Palestinian oppression

Israel could soon have a government led by a prime minister who has insisted Palestinians can never be allowed a state of their own.

US dockers and campaigners block Israeli ship in solidarity with Palestine

One activist said the action sent 'a clear message that Zionism, racism, apartheid and the occupation of Palestine will be met with resistance'

Mass grave of Indigenous children exposes Canada’s genocide

The discovery of 215 First Nation children’s remains at the site of Canada’s biggest residential school has sent a shockwave of grief and anger across the country.

Brazilian protesters demand the fall of Bolsonaro

Following the chaos caused by the mishandling of the pandemic in Brazil, Sophie Squire reports on the mass protests calling for change

Violence against protests increases in Colombia while talks collapse

Protests are continuing to rage in Colombia despite escalating state violence.

Mali’s military ousts prime minister after strikes shake country’s rulers

The president and prime minister of Mali, West Africa, have been ousted by the army officer who led a military coup last year.

Movement in Colombia scores new victories

Protests, strikes and blockades have put president Ivan Duque under pressure

Israeli cops bring home war against Palestine

Israel makes it clear that it will try to crush Palestinian resistance after ceasefire says Nick Clark

Why did Biden call on Israel to move to a ceasefire?

His move was not about preserving Palestinian lives. It was to do with an assessment of the resistance to Israel and satisfying US allies.

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