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Ceasefire is no victory for Israel, but more resistance is needed

Israel has declared an end to its latest devastating assault on the Gaza Strip—but its siege and war on Palestinians will continue.

Nigerian strike takes on job losses and wider issues

A massive five-day strike kicked off on Monday, in Kaduna, a state in the north western region of Nigeria

General strike call sees resistance in all parts of Palestine

Palestinians mounted coordinate resistance against Israel in all parts of Palestine on Tuesday with a major strike and mass demonstrations.

Biden stuck firmly to US backing Israel

US president Joe Biden made it clear this week that he will continue, like his predecessor Donald Trump, in unwavering support for Israel.

Myanmar regime using human shields

The Myanmar military have used arrested civilians as “human shields” as they fought to retake the rebel town of Mindat.

Gaza bombing is ‘three times worse’ than 2014 assault

Israel has launched the heaviest airstrikes so far of its latest assault on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli police back right wing settler violence

Israeli police have stood by as armed, right wing Jewish settlers run riot through Palestinian towns and neighbourhoods inside Israel’s borders.

Protests in Colombia continue to rock state

Angry protesters continue to take to the streets in Colombia for the third week in a row despite brutal repression.

Palestinian revolt sweeps through the West Bank

The Palestinian revolt spread across the West Bank on Friday, while Israel sent troops to crack down in protests inside its own borders.

‘This criminality has no limits’—Palestinian in Gaza speaks out

Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip is causing “unprecedented horror,” a Palestinian living under the bombs has told Socialist Worker.

History of Lydd and Ramle, cities at the heart of Palestinian revolt

Palestinians in Lydd and Ramle have faced decades of racist violence designed to drive them out and keep them a minority. It's the background to what is happening today.

Protests spread across Israel and terrify state’s rulers

Palestinians have risen up in towns and cities across the Israeli state.

Attacks on Palestinians show Israel is a racist state

Israel’s drive to force Palestinians from their homes is at the root of its renewed assault on the Gaza Strip

Resistance to Sheikh Jarrah evictions exposes Israeli state’s racism

An explosion of resistance against attempts to force Palestinians out of Jerusalem has exposed Israel’s racism and brutality.

International roundup—Fear as Covid-19 spreads from India to Nepal

India’s Covid-19 crisis is spreading across the border into neighbouring Nepal.

Colombian protesters and strikers face down corrupt president Duque

Protests and strikes have erupted throughout Colombia in response to assaults by right wing president Ivan Duque. 

Fear of resistance sees Palestine election pulled

Caught in a three-way ­stand-off with a jailed ­resistance fighter and an exiled chief torturer, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas dived for cover.

Mexico City maintenance workers issued over a dozen warnings before metro disaster

The horrific disaster on Mexico City’s metro railway system—with at least 24 people dead and dozens more seriously injured—was long in the making.

Vaccine used to attack rights in New Zealand and Hong Kong

New Zealand’s customs agency has sacked nine border workers, while in Hong Kong hundreds of thousands of migrant workers could lose their jobs

Revolt over tax increase in Colombia

Furious protests in Colombia have forced the right wing government to back down from plans to raise taxes on goods bought by ordinary people

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