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Movement in Myanmar could turn towards armed struggle

The slaughter of democracy protesters in Myanmar ramped up again last weekend

Splits at top over India’s Covid crisis

India’s hard right prime minister Narendra Modi is finally feeling the heat after weeks of Covid-19 devastating the country.

French government’s racist crackdowns fuel far right coup threats

The French government is ramping up measures against migrants and Muslims—just as far right forces threaten a coup.

International round up—Troops aim to crush protests in Myanmar

Protesters have continued to take to the streets, and other ruling classes are concerned. writes Yuri Prasad

Big pharma wants to cash in on India’s coronavirus catastrophe

India is in the grip of a Covid-19 storm that is killing more than 2,000 people a day. But for the country’s two leading drugs firms this is not a time for mourning—it’s a time to cash in.

Hospitals in India near collapse as new wave hits and cases rise

As world Covid-19 deaths pass three million, India is in the grip of a terrible new wave of the virus. Other countries governed by the hard right face a similar situation, says Yuri Prasad

Fight killer cops after Floyd trial

Rage at a racist system and killer cops continued to burn as closing statements were heard on Monday in the trial of Derek Chauvin.

Furious protests after cops kill black man Daunte Wright near Minneapolis

Protesters raged on the streets of Brooklyn Center just outside Minneapolis on Sunday after cops murdered a black man.

Northern Ireland riots sparked by legacy of British imperialism

As Loyalist areas of Northern Ireland face unrest, Simon Basketter explains why the protests are taking place now, and what they mean for Britain’s imperialist interests

Virus still on the rise, despite the vaccine

Covid-19 infections are still soaring around the world, and it’s no time to end safety measures, says Sam Ord

International round up: Bigots’ fury at Arab party kingmaker

Israeli politicians were up in arms at the idea that an Arab party might enter government following elections last week.

Myanmar’s military rulers unleash bloodiest weekend since coup

Myanmar has seen its bloodiest weekend since the military coup at the beginning of February.

Global Covid-19 cases surge as Brazil faces health collapse

Far from being steadily eliminated, Covid-19 is increasing in most regions of the world

International round up: Israel elections demonise Palestinians

Israel held its fourth election in two years as Socialist Worker went to press. The election was called after a coalition government led by warmonger Binyamin Netanyahu and rival Benny Gantz collapsed.

Protests erupt following racist murders in the US

Thousands of people have joined protests across the US and Canada to show their rage following the shooting of eight people in Atlanta, Georgia, six of whom were Asian women.

Dutch elections signal scary shift to the right

For a fourth time, the conservative People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy have won the national election in Holland.

International round up: Coronavirus worldwide

The total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has now exceeded 120 million, with more than 2,670,000 dead.

Protesters and students clash with riot police in Greece

Mass demonstrations across Greece have defied police violence.

Strikes confront military attacks across Myanmar

Myanmar’s murderous military regime imposed martial law in parts of the country on Monday, wiping out the last vestiges of democracy.

Strikes and protests face down increasing state violence in Myanmar

Strikes and protests continue to defy the military in Myanmar, but the regime is lashing out ever more violently.

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