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Health workers in France lead challenge to Macron

Moves to end the lockdown in France are releasing suppressed bitterness and anger against president Emmanuel Macron

Infections are on the rise in Germany as lockdown lifts

Germany—hailed as one of the “success stories” in controlling coronavirus—was one of many European countries to ease its lockdown restrictions last week.

A dangerous plan to reopen schools in France fails as many stay shut

The French government tried to reopen schools on Monday in the teeth of opposition from parents, students, teachers and scientists.

‘Explosions of mass struggles are on the horizon’ as Nigeria eases virus lockdown

Nigeria in west Africa is emerging from lockdown in a climate of authoritarian state rule and continuing fears about coronavirus.

International round-up: French teachers could walk out over schools reopening

French teachers could walk out

Mass protest returns to the streets of Lebanon

Protests have exploded back onto the streets of Lebanon, as people battled cops and soldiers and set fire to banks over poverty and hardship.

Inspiring US housing campaigns could launch rent strikes

Covid-19 has laid bare the US’s massive housing crisis—but it’s also highlighted inspiring grassroots campaigns

Greek workers take to streets to protect lives and jobs from coronavirus crisis

Hospitality workers in Greece stopped work and protested on Tuesday demanding bosses protect their lives—and their jobs—from the coronavirus outbreak.

Protests against attacks on education in Greece

Teachers and high school students in Greece protested in public last Friday against attacks on education

Support for refugee activists in Australia

Activists in Australia are resisting attacks on their right to protest

Deaths in custody in France as police target black people

Five people died after contact with French police imposing lockdown restrictions.

Trump wants speedy and deadly return to work

Donald Trump is pushing for the US to get back to work as soon as possible

Locust devastation in East Africa is linked to climate change

Some 40 percent of the 160 million people in the region are already undernourished

New government in Israel poses a fresh threat to Palestinians

After more than a year of political deadlock, Israel is set for a new government committed to annexing huge chunks of the Palestinian West Bank.

International round-up: Protests in Paris, Israeli attacks hit Palestinians and Cape Town food fightback


Trump piles on pressure to end the US lockdown

US president Donald Trump is ramping up attempts to force people back to work even as coronavirus sweeps the country and deaths mount.

International round-up - quarantine for refugees, food riot and pause in Yemen war

Italy has quarantined refugees on a boat, police sparked a food riot in Nairobi and the bloody war in Yemen is paused

Mass graves in United States

US president Donald Trump last week said that he wants to kickstart the economy with a “big bang”.

Lockdowns lead to police brutality and repression in many African countries

Widespread poverty and lack of public health services make coronavirus a huge threat to people in Africa. But they also face ferocious attacks from state forces

US workers on strike as Trump backs big bosses

Fresh walkouts launched across the US as Trump says that hundreds of thousands should die for profit

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