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Hydrogen power is not a green alternative

The Tories and world ­leaders are pinning their hopes on hydrogen power to reduce carbon emissions and help reach their net-zero promises.

Tear down the borders

Refugees trapped at the Polish-Belarusian border in eastern Europe are being used as weapons by two states with reactionary governments.

Radical climate action is more than slogans

System change not climate change is the only solution

Can Johnson escape another scandal?

Sinking the Tories needs more than sleaze revelations

Yorkshire cricket scandal—why racism is not ‘banter’

'Banter' is not an acceptable cover for racism

Royal family’s sick lies

To the heartbreak of royalists, the queen didn’t make it to the Cop26 conference

We have to change the world in order to save it

The revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg denounced a system that had produced “fertile plains of death on which profits can grow”

Competition between states grows sharper

Boris Johnson is puffing himself up as a world statesman for the Cop26 conference. But the ridiculous squabble with France over fishing rights off British coasts shows the lies behind his posturing.

Demand better than Tories’ Covid plan A or B

The Tories are risking tens of thousands of lives by refusing to consider any new measures to deal with the rising number of Covid-19 cases.

Municipal socialism—the Labour left’s recycled solution

After the defeat of Corbynism, the Labour left are looking for a new strategy. Nick Clark asks if it will work

The free market right is wrong on inflation

The alarm bells about inflation are ringing ever more shrilly across the world economy. Huw Pill, the new chief economist of the Bank of England, predicts that the official British inflation rate will hit five percent early next year.

Israel—a state founded on lies has to keep its past hidden

Deep in Israeli vaults sits evidence of the atrocities that marked the state’s founding. Nick Clark explains why they are buried

Don’t let surging Covid cases and deaths be normalised

As winter approaches, the Tories deadly Covid-19 policies are once again threatening to “let the bodies pile high”. The number of Covid-19 cases reached almost 50,000 on Monday—the highest reported since 17 July.

Brexit chaos means trouble for Johnson

Boris Johnson won the 2019 general election by promising to “get Brexit done”. Like all his other promises, this was broken.

Does criminalising hatred strike a blow to oppression?

Racists, sexists and homophobes have to be challenged, but the state won’t help us

Covid inquiry fails to lay blame for deaths

A parliamentary inquiry has concluded that the handling of Covid-19 was “one of the most important public health failures the United Kingdom has ever experienced”. The MPs’ report essentially confirmed that the Tories sacrificed tens of thousands of lives with their fatal approach.

Vintage rot from prince

Posh, parasitic, “eco- warrior” prince Charles has graciously revealed some of his tips for a greener life.

Capitalism will not solve energy squeeze

Energy is what the political economist Simon Bromley called a “strategic commodity”. In other words, a state that controls access to it has power over other states.

Capitalism leaves no safe spaces for women

Will safe spaces protect women? It’s an argument that has arisen once again after the murder of Sarah Everard by Met police officer Wayne Couzens.

Blame the bust system

Nobody wants to take the blame for fuel shortages, empty shelves and rising prices.

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