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Tories push racist myths to divide—open borders for all

The deadline for European Union citizens to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) on 31 June is drawing steadily nearer.

What is behind the fears about inflation?

One issue is dominating discussion of the major economies—inflation. This has to do with both reality and fear.

Daniel Morgan murder report censored

Daniel Morgan was killed with an axe in 1987. Socialist Worker has long argued that the murder and its cover-up lies at the heart of the phone hacking scandal and much more. The police admitted to corruption in the first of the investigations into the murder.

BLM and Palestine—united in struggle

One year ago the police murder of George Floyd sparked waves of anger and resistance around the world.

Israel’s strategy fuels resistance

There was never any doubt that the giant Israeli military machine could inflict terrible death and devastation on Gaza.

One-state is the solution for Palestinian liberation

As the myth of a two-state solution falls apart, Sam Ord argues why a one-state solution will truly free Palestine and end Israeli occupation

Report finds links between class and Covid exposure

A new Office for National Statistics report this week underlined how class has largely determined how much you were exposed to Covid-19.

Britain plays vital role in Israel’s crimes

Britain is complicit in Israel’s murder of Palestinians—and that’s not just because of arms sales.

Rulers failed to prepare for ‘preventable’ Covid-19

Sadie Robinson examines a new report exposing how world leaders’ response to coronavirus warnings led to the current crisis

Lockdown eases, but virus hasn’t gone away

Boris Johnson has confirmed that the latest planned easing of coronavirus restrictions in England will go ahead.

Build united fightback to stop fire and rehire

Three quarters of people in Britain want bosses’ outrageous fire and rehire tactics scrapped. A poll conducted by Survation on behalf of the GMB union discovered that 76 percent of people believe the practice should be outlawed.

Do the election results mean that class is dead?

Elections in Britain last week have led to announcements of the death of class and the end of a clear divide between “left and right”.

Northern Ireland—the impact of imperialism and sectarianism today

Continuing division in Northern Ireland is a product of how the peace process was conducted by those at the top, writes Simon Basketter

DUP haters gonna hate

The 100th anniversary of the sectarian state in Northern Ireland was marked by the announcement that Edwin Poots and Jeffrey Donaldson are bidding to lead the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Boris Johnson’s crimes deserve full reckoning

“These were always going to be difficult elections for us. We’re not expecting miracles on Thursday night.” Those were the words of Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy on Sunday—at the end of a week of scandal and crisis for the Tories.

Neoliberalism is alive and useful to rulers

Is neoliberalism over? This is what many of its defenders are beginning to fear. Chris Giles, the economics editor of the Financial Times, recently lamented, “The left is winning the economic battle of ideas.”

The roots of armed struggle in Northern Ireland

​​​​​​​Repression led to uprising and armed struggle, explains Simon Basketter

New book shows how the British state could break

The Scottish elections could pose a major threat to Boris Johnson’s government.

Capitalism means money for war, not health

People starve, there’s not enough cash for health or education, for action on climate chaos or to create jobs—but there’s always money for war.

Israel’s apartheid crimes exposed

Human Rights Watch is the latest major organisation to accuse Israel of apartheid. In a detailed report released on Tuesday the mainstream and widely respected NGO said Israel is guilty of crimes of apartheid against Palestinians.

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