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Our rulers are violent hypocrites

 The Spanish state has responded to the Catalan independence referendum with violence.

Bosses struggle to defend failing system

Leading Tories are fighting an open battle to defend capitalism. Last week Theresa May hailed the free market as the “greatest agent of collective human progress”.

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech put Labour on the offensive - but also showed up its limits

Jeremy Corbyn was probably right to claim that Labour has become the “political mainstream” under his left wing leadership.

Right’s ability to smear left as antisemitic weakened at Labour conference

In a high point of his speech to Labour conference last month, Jeremy Corbyn affirmed his solidarity with the Palestinian people.

New cycle laws won’t make the roads safer

You’d be forgiven for thinking that cyclists are irresponsible, reckless and potentially deadly if you believe the mainstream press and politicians.

As refugee crisis grows in Europe, we say - let them in

The refugee crisis has not gone away—if anything it is getting worse.

Don’t just savour the Tories’ crisis - organise to make them fall

After decades of right wing ideas dominating political debate in Britain, the left feels more confident.

Theresa May’s Brexit blues make the Tories weaker

Theresa May’s woes deepened after she returned from giving a speech about Brexit in Italy last week. The Sunday Times claimed her “loyal” chancellor Philip Hammond had planned to give her the boot after the Tories’ disastrous general election performance.

Tories axe million public sector jobs

After seven years of brutal attacks on public services there are almost one million fewer public sector jobs.

Shift resistance up a gear to drive May out

Theresa May is desperately trying to gloss over the latest row engulfing the Tories.

Scotland, Labour and independence - what should the left do?

Several thousand people joined the pro-independence Hope Over Fear rally in Glasgow last Saturday.

Marx’s masterwork is as relevant as ever

On 14 September 1867 Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I, was published in Hamburg.

Can Jeremy Corbyn defeat the ‘powerful interests’?

We need a wider social movement to truly transform society

Will Labour give solidarity to workers in struggle?


Nuclear delusions sideline renewable energy

The case against renewable energy took a severe blow this week after wind power firms won the rigged race for a government subsidy.

Nato hypocrites are feeding the drive to war

The conflict is a consequence of the US decision, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to expand Nato

Tories want a right wing, racist Brexit—we need a Brexit for the working class

It is crucial to argue for workers’ rights, freedom of movement for people and internationalism.

Strikes can bust public sector pay cap

The Tories are rumoured to be preparing to lift the 1 percent public sector pay cap—at least for some workers.

Trump—horseman of imperialist apocalypse

Two deeply unpleasant men are facing off over North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The world feels closer to the possibility of nuclear war than at any time for half a century.

Brexit isn’t just a problem for the Tories

Predictably enough, negotiations between the Tory government and the European Commission over the terms of Brexit are running into difficulty.

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