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Antisemitism fuelled by the right—not Labour

Antisemitism is “sanctioned from the top”—but not, as the Chief Rabbi wrote this week, from the top of the Labour Party.

Ukraine shows splits in the US ruling class

There’s a large element of accident in how Ukraine has come to dominate the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump

We must take on the rich to win real change

Will a Labour government fulfil Jeremy Corbyn’s promises to “pull down a corrupt system and build a fairer country?”

Will Whatsapp win the election?

Momentum says it’s driving forward path-breaking campaigning methods that will win the election.

Neoliberalism takes revenge in Bolivia

Bad things have been happening lately in Latin America. But the worst to date is the right wing coup in Bolivia

Climate chaos shows a burning need for change

As fires rage through Australia and flood waters rise in Yorkshire, climate catastrophe has rarely felt so imminent.

Moderation from Labour struggles to beat the Tories in general election campaign

The Tories should be reeling. Despite the helping hand Nigel Farage gave Boris Johnson this week the campaign has exposed the ruling class arrogance and racism that runs through the party.

Spending smears are a sign of the storm ahead

No general election would be complete without the Tories denouncing Labour for its irresponsible fiscal plans. The classic example was the 1992 campaign, when John Major’s team first warned against “Labour’s Tax Bombshell”, soon to be followed by “Labour’s Double Whammy—1. More Taxes, 2. Higher Prices.”

A radical campaign can chase the Tories out

This general election is an opportunity to kick out the Tories and break from a decade of austerity, scapegoating of Muslims and migrants, and inaction over climate change.

We deserve better than Tory austerity

The reality of rising debt and falling wages under Tory austerity was laid bare in new research from the TUC union federation released on Tuesday.

The left in Chile has abandoned struggle

The uprising in Chile continues, and it is raising fundamental questions about neoliberalism and even capitalism

Jakarta—a horrifying vision of climate catastrophe

Tens of millions of ordinary people face life in a polluted, flooded, sinking city, reports Sarah Bates

General election is chance to smash Brexit deadlock

For more than two years official politics has been consumed by a seemingly endless Brexit crisis and Westminster game-playing.

Avenge their deaths

We have to make the Tories pay for the thousands of people who have been killed by their rule.

Cuban lessons for Latin America’s left

Latin America has returned to the headlines with the explosive revolts in Chile and Ecuador. They show how neoliberalism continues to evoke massive popular resistance

Say no to a second referendum and a People’s Vote on the European Union

A very big protest took place in London last weekend calling for a “People’s Vote” on leaving the European Union (EU).

Global revolt shows we have had enough

The number of serious revolts erupting across the globe is growing. Many protests sparked by a specific issue quickly turn into more general challenges to the system.

What actually makes a ­person middle class?

Tomáš Tengely-Evans argues that being middle class isn’t about your lifestyle, accent, or whether you do a manual job

Johnson faces a crisis—but he isn’t finished

He may have lost a battle last Saturday, but he hasn’t lost the war

Stand with Catalonia after new wave of repression

Massive protests erupted across Catalonia this week after a Spanish court sentenced nine pro-independence Catalan leaders to vicious prison terms.

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