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Celebrate the climate movement - and join it

The International Rebellion has brought together tens of thousands of people across the globe to demand climate justice.

Imperialists betray the Kurds—again

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have denounced Donald Trump’s decision to pull back American troops blocking a Turkish invasion of northern Syria as a “betrayal”. Of course they’re right.

Treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal one

Sadie Robinson looks at a new programme to give heroin users diamorphine which aims to help people escape addiction

The cops aren’t on our side

Police actions against Extinction Rebellion (XR) show their job is to ensure business as usual under capitalism.

Climate rebellion must beware of false friends

False friends are clustering around the climate movement. They know that millions of people across the world support climate action to avert catastrophe. Instead of denying the need for it, they pose as sympathetic but “reasonable”.

‘National unity’ is only for the bosses

Amid the stew of Brexit speculation, there are more calls for a “national unity” government.

What can we do about rising sea levels?

Sea levels are rising faster than ever before with catastrophic consequences for human survival and animal and marine life.

Break up the British state

The crisis in official politics has made the break-up of the British state a living debate again.

Build the climate movement to win a better world

The climate rebellion is entering a crucial new chapter. Thousands of Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists plan to take over parts of central London as part of the International Rebellion.

Labour Party conference showed how leaders lag behind membership’s radicalism

One takeaway from last week’s Labour Party conference is that the members are further ahead than the leadership and the trade unions.

Climate denial is tip of iceberg at United Nations summit

When Greta Thunberg blasted world leaders at the United Nations (UN), she spoke for millions who are angry at their inaction on climate change.

Millions left without suitable homes in Tory housing crisis

Millions are in housing need while hundreds of thousands of homes lie empty.

New book Bad News for Labour busts antisemitism claims

A book on Labour, the media and antisemitism is both rigorous and accessible

No more wars over oil

Saudi Arabia and the US are driving closer to war with Iran, following drone strikes on Saudi Arabian oil plants last Saturday.

Climate action shows how to take control

The global climate strike this Friday has shown how trade unions can revive.

Class isn’t just oppression—it’s the power to fight back

Union leaders agreed to define class as a form of discrimination. But it’s not just another oppression, argues Sadie Robinson

The Iraq war is still haunting US foreign policy

John Bolton's dismissal can be traced back to an earlier Republican presidency in which Bolton served, that of George W Bush

Friday 20 September - our chance to transform the struggle over climate change

Climate actions planned for this week could open the door for a new phase of a climate justice movement.

Politics is about a lot more than parliament

The chaos in the British establishment has exposed the swamp that is parliament and British democracy. This week Tory leader Boris Johnson prorogued parliament—shutting it down to avoid scrutiny of his Brexit manoeuvres.

We need mass action over severe climate threat

Earth is careering towards climate change so severe that there will be an “irrefutable toll on human life”.

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