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Can you hear the cries of revolt, Blair?

THE EXPLOSION of anger over New Labour's proposals for top-up fees has thrown the government into crisis. Blair has been forced to abandon plans to hold a vote in parliament over the fees before Christmas. He fears he would lose that vote. Labour MPs, whose loyalty he has been able to count on, have lined up to speak out against the fees.

Turkish tragedy was made here

THE DEATH toll was appalling. But far from the recent bombings in Turkey discrediting the anti-war movement (as much of the media and the politicians tried to do), they tragically confirmed it was right.

Workers create all the wealth under capitalism

There's a powerful myth, promulgated by Blair, by the Tories, by most of the media. It is that businessmen are "wealth creators". Without them, we're told, there would be no investment, no jobs, an economy in a spiral of decline.

Astor Piazzolla and why you should give Tango a chance

I thought now was as good a time as any to take a look at tango music and, in particular, the work of Astor Piazzolla.

The sacrifice needed to stop the bombing

ONE OF the first points the anti-war movement made was that this country's participation in the invasion of Iraq would make attacks on British targets more likely. The bomb attacks on British targets in Turkey tragically proved those arguments right. The response of Blair and his government is to carry on regardless, stoking the hatred higher.

They can't get their own way

LAST WEEK was a pretty bad one for George W Bush and his neo-conservative administration-and not just because of events in London, Istanbul and Baghdad. Bush suffered a bad setback back home in Florida, the state where he secured his dubious victory in the 2000 presidential race.Miami last week hosted a ministerial meeting whose aim was to create the Free Trade Area of the Americas, better known in Latin America by its Spanish acronym ALCA.

Institutional child abuse

NEW LABOUR ministers jumped to the defence of children's minister Margaret Hodge last week after her dismissal of a child abuse victim in an Islington care home as "extremely disturbed". The whole affair has typified the double standards that are a hallmark of New Labour.

Killers meet as the slaughter continues

If anyone had any doubt about whether it was right to protest against George Bush’s visit to Britain, they should just look at the carnage taking place in Iraq this week.

Revolt at home is worrying Blair

TONY BLAIR will have other worries on his mind while plotting with George Bush to intensify the war on the Iraqi people.

Your paper

The paper that says Bush off

But we couldn’t manage without your donations

Producing a national newspaper costs big money. That’s why most are owned by millionaires like Rupert Murdoch and Richard Desmond, or by global corporations like the Mirror Group. Last year they also got £4.9 billion from corporate advertising.

JFK: a true precedent of a president?

"DADDY, DO you think Nixon did it?"

Our movement can topple Bush and Blair

TONY BLAIR and George Bush hoped the state visit of the US president to Britain this week would be a victory parade in the wake of their war on Iraq. Instead the scale of the protests turned the visit into a siege. The two warmongers were forced to cancel planned parades and speeches. They were to hide behind huge numbers of police, totally cut off from any contact with ordinary people.

US bombs again and calls it reconstruction

US WARPLANES dropped 500-pound bombs and fired heavy artillery rounds in the Iraqi city of Tikrit last Friday. Each of those bombs was far bigger than those used to resist the occupation forces by Iraqis labelled as "terrorists" by the US and British.

Words are shaped by the times

If you study literature in school or university, you can easily get lulled into the notion that novels, poems, and plays live in a world of their own.

Learn the lessons from this great strike

REMEMBER THE postal workers! That should be the response whenever someone says it is impossible to beat the employers or the anti-union laws. We can all learn from the way the strike won.

Why the US wants to run the world

SEVENTY FIVE percent of people across Europe now believe the war against Iraq was wrong.

Class divide concentrated behind bars

MOUNTJOY WOMEN'S prison in Dublin is a modern institution. Built three years ago to house 90 women prisoners, it is known as the Dochas Centre (Dochas is the Irish language word for hope).

Tories' best leader is already in No 10

THERE'S A simple reason why the Tories are doing each other in with the ferocity of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Tony Blair is doing everything a Conservative prime minister would dream of, and more. What hope is there for the toffs and toadies of the Tory party when they find their nasty measures already inflicted by a Labour government? Much more importantly, what hope is there for millions of working people who feel utterly betrayed?

Why does Blair stand by his man?

ONE OF the most common questions that people ask me is, "Why did Tony Blair go so far in backing George W Bush's war on Iraq?" It's not hard to tell a story about US interests, but what's in it for Britain? An important part of the answer lies in the long term strategy that the British ruling class has pursued ever since the Second World War. By attaching itself closely to the mighty US, Britain could continue play a role as a global power.

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