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Ignoring Covid won’t work

Covid-19 related deaths in Britain stand at a shocking average of 100 each day according to official data. That’s a rise of 54 percent in a week.

Don’t be fooled—there is money for refugees

The right is spinning arguments against refugees coming to Britain. They claim there’s “no room” or “not enough money” to take them all in.

We need a wildly different system to restore nature

Our current society is responsible for huge environmental destruction. But the problem isn’t humans

Massacres were the true face of Afghan war

US president Joe Biden broke open a decades‑long lie on Monday. Seeking to justify his policies, he said the brutal war on Afghanistan was never about “nation-building”.

Labour’s war guilt

Not two weeks ago, Labour’s leader Keir Starmer said his party should be “very proud” of its right wing governments’ “achievements” under Tony Blair.

What we said as the war began in Afghanistan

In September 2001, as the West moved to start bombing Afghanistan, Socialist Worker spoke out against the war. This was our editorial comment

West’s Afghan failures led to reborn Taliban

When the West invaded Afghanistan some two ¬decades ago, their cheerleaders in the media earnestly claimed the regime change would bring with it liberal progress.

One month from the 11 July protests. A declaration by Comunistas Cuba

This article was originally published on the website of Comunistas Cuba.

Profit, not people, is destroying the climate

Climate chaos flows from the capitalist system that subordinates humanity and the rest of nature to the demands of profit-making

China used as cover-up for climate crimes

For the West, blaming the climate crisis on China will provide a scapegoat for the havoc they’ve wreaked

Hope and danger a year after Beirut blast

The days surrounding the one-year anniversary of Beirut’s port blast saw examples of unity against the ruling class alongside the danger of sectarian divisions.

The Taliban—terror that the US made

The Taliban movement is retaking control of Afghanistan after two decades of Western occupation. Nick Clark explores the group

Easing travel rules puts profit before health

Following immense pressure from travel industry tycoons, Britain’s international travel restrictions will be eased.

What’s behind the right’s war on Critical Race Theory?

Why is a low level war raging in the US on the subject of Critical Race Theory?

Blame legacy of Thatcherism for Scotland’s drug death figures

The latest research into drug deaths in Scotland shows a horrifying 1,300 people died last year as a consequence of drug misuse.

Flood and heatwaves—a vision of catastrophe

Scorching temperatures one week and flash flooding the next show that the climate crisis is well and truly here

New police powers will mean more bullying cops

After pushing their racist borders and nationality bill, the Tories have moved on to increasing state repression

What was behind the 11 July protests? Greetings for 26 July from Cuban communists

This is a translation of an article originally published in Spanish on the website

The three phases of Biden’s presidency

Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency, I would say attitudes towards him have gone through three phases—relief, surprise, and increasingly, disappointment.

What’s the real value behind the rich’s NFT digital art fad?

Capitalist financial trickery has hit new lows with the development of NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens”

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