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Build resistance after Tory climate cop outs

Boris Johnson has unveiled the Tories’ “strategy” in hosting the United Nations (UN) Cop 26 climate talks in November.

Do not value migrants just for their ‘productivity’

We mustn’t let business interests dominate arguments against the Tories’ vicious immigration bill, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Get Trump’s hands off Palestine

“We will make history,” said Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu ahead of an announcement by Donald Trump on Tuesday. One way or another, that’s almost certainly true.

Tories’ assembly of inaction on climate change

Around 150 people have begun the process of kick-starting Britain’s first “climate assembly”.

Britain in firing line of US-EU trade war

China and the United States have agreed to a truce in the trade war they have been waging for the past two years. What is supposed to be “phase one” of a larger trade deal was signed in Washington last week.

Rhetoric from the rich masks a rotten system

Billionaire bosses, politicians and celebrities descended on Davos in Switzerland this week for the annual World Economic Forum (WEF).

Corbyn’s peer pressure

Boris Johnson’s wheeze to spaff a fortune up a wall moving the House of Lords to York was met with derision—even from the Lords.

Rules pushed by Labour right hit Palestine solidarity

Nick Clark looks at how the most recent antisemitism smears are playing out in the Labour leadership election

Can Boris Johnson get an EU trade deal done?

Now Boris Johnson really has to “get Brexit done”. Formally leaving the European Union (EU) on 31 January is one thing. Settling the real relationship between Britain and what will remain its biggest market is quite another.

Labour hopefuls unite to betray Palestinians

awitchhunt in the Labour Party is about to begin in earnest on a mass scale.

Rebel against Prevent

The state is so worried about Extinction Rebellion (XR) it has included the direct action group in its Prevent strategy.

Why Donald Trump can’t win in Iran

It’s clear who the losers were in the confrontation between the United States and Iran.

Betrayed by sexist system

The sexist treatment carried out by the police and justice systems toward women alleging rape was highlighted in a recent horrifying case in Cyprus

Capitalism causes war and climate crises

Wildfires, floods and the threat of war ushered in 2020

Don’t buy Chris Packham’s myth of overpopulation

A BBC TV programme says ‘overpopulation’ causes climate change. Gabby Thorpe debunks this dangerous racist idea

We’re not pudding up with the Tories

Boris Johnson’s victory has to be met with a step change in our resistance

The system protects sexual abuse

Powerful people are trying to justify sexual abuse by powerful people

A warning from Sydney

Sydney was choking in smoke as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Break power of rich to win real change

The ruling class and its hangers on threw everything at Jeremy Corbyn in the run-up to the general election.

Build the resistance as risk of recession grows

News from the German economy last week sent a shiver through bosses across Europe.

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