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Austerity, Brexit chaos and political failure - a warning of how the right can win

Sadie Robinson reports from Doncaster and Barnsley on how bitter frustration at years of austerity and political failure have created the conditions for the right to benefit—but anger could also be pulled to the left

Extinction Rebellion activists say – ‘Climate rebellion is making history’

Tens of thousands of people will be occupying central London in October demanding action over climate change. Extinction Rebellion activists spoke to Sarah Bates about why the action matters—and how it’s making an impact

Gandhi, violence and victory – which tactics can win real change?

Mohandas Gandhi’s legacy continues to inspire activists today. Socialist Worker looks back at the tactics of the mass movement that kicked the British Empire out of India

1949 — Mao & the Chinese revolution

Seventy years ago revolution in China threw off the rule of landlords and struck a blow to Western imperialism. But it wasn’t a socialist revolution, and its aims were not to put people in power, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Revolt to save the planet

As the climate movement intensifies, Sarah Bates says a new book by activist and author Naomi Klein raises serious questions about what action can win a sustainable world

Royal Mail workers: fighting a package of attacks

This time it really is the big one. Decades of struggles over the future of Royal Mail and the postal industry have all been leading towards this pitched battle.

The rulers’ party is rotting

There’s a been Tory party since the late 17th century—now it’s in severe crisis. Simon Basketter looks at what could cause the death of the party for those who are born to rule

The British arms firms dealing in death

Arms deals, generals and government officials will gather at the DSEI arms dealers’ conference in east London this week

Why the history of Israel is deliberately forgotten

A new book on the origins of Israel is welcome and useful, but flawed

We can’t rely on the rich to save the planet

Even the rich are waking up to the scale of the threat—or so it seems. But the logic of capitalism—to always maximise profits—means we can’t trust them.

Life in a container is like a prison - residents speak out

Councils warehousing poor people in disused office blocks are now putting them in shipping containers.

Capital — built on slavery

A book by Caitlin Rosenthal gives a horrific insight into how slavery played a key role in the birth of capitalist management methods, writes Sadie Robinson

As Tories and the press panic about a ‘law and order breakdown’ - fear cops, not crime

After Tory scaremongering and promises of a ‘crackdown’ on crime, Sadie Robinson looks at the truth behind the fear—and why we don’t need more cops

Paul Mason’s ‘popular front’ of failures is not the way to beat the right

Journalist Paul Mason has called on Labour to support a ‘Popular Front’ to stop the far right. It proved a disaster in the 1930s—and he should know it, writes Nick Clark

Frontex—Fortress Europe’s racist border force

As the European Union pours tens of millions of pounds into keeping refugees out, uncovered hidden documents reveal the violence it metes out at its borders. Tomáš Tengely-Evans says border force Frontex is the true, ugly face of the EU

Britain’s Irish war - fifty years after troops went into Derry

On 14 August 1969 Harold Wilson, then Labour prime minister, deployed British troops to the streets of Northern Ireland.

Can Marxism help save the planet?

Alistair Farrow explains how the revolutionaries Marx and Engels looked at humans’ interaction with the natural world

Wuthering Fights—striking for the NHS in Bronte country

A strike by hundreds of the lowest paid NHS workers in West Yorkshire has become a flashpoint in the fight to stop privatisation.

The real story of Peterloo

The Peterloo massacre exposed our rulers’ brutality. But a new history also shows how the workers’ movement was militant and inclusive from its birth, writes Judy Cox

Warsaw 44 – An uprising betrayed

Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw rose up against Nazi rule 75 years ago this month. The heroic action was abandoned by the Allies writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

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