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Tunisia in revolt—ten years on

Ten years have passed since the start of the Tunisian revolution. Nick Clark explains how it toppled a dictator, encouraged more fightbacks, and shook the world

Kensington and Chelsea—a tale of two cities

In west London, people in poverty live side by side with some of the richest families in Britain. Isabel Ringrose looks at the lives of all the residents living in the shadow of Grenfell Tower

War crimes—the West’s hidden horrors in Afghanistan

Murders, torture and massacres—that’s the reality of the war in Afghanistan exposed by a report into Australian war crimes. And for all its denial, Britain is just as guilty

Indian farmers join mass action after Modi government attacks 

Tens of thousands of farmers are confronting measures pushed through by Narendra Modi’s government.

Capital, the system and jobs chaos

Millions of people have been thrown onto the jobs scrapheap this year. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how the capitalist system uses unemployment

Engels—200 years on

Two centuries after the birth of revolutionary and socialist theorist Frederick Engels, Sarah Bates examines a life and legacy that goes beyond collaborating with Karl Marx

Terror and trauma—victims tell the terrible truth about the Tories’ ‘hostile environment’ policy

As the Tories push through another deportation flight to Jamaica, Tomáš Tengely-Evans spoke to three families battling for justice. Their stories give a snapshot of the daily terror inflicted by Britain’s racist immigration system and the hostile environment

Why the Labour left loses

Keir Starmer is waging a war on the left in Labour. Nick Clark explains how the party’s structures and methods mean the left is always at the mercy of the right

The drug lords’ pandemic profit

How did public funds meant to help us find a vaccine for coronavirus end up in the pockets of some of the richest corporations on the planet? And, why will billions of people still be without hope even when a vaccine emerges?

Mary Wollstonecraft—fighting for women to be free

The erection of a statue of Mary Wollstonecraft in north London has sparked controversy, Sarah Bates goes beyond the headlines to explore her life and legacy

Battered and betrayed but still fighting back - Grenfell activists speak out

As the inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire continues, many of those struggling as a result of the fire are being sidelined.

Activists speak out—the left’s hope lies outside Labour

Keir Starmer’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn and the war on the left has sparked arguments about whether the Labour Party is really a vehicle for change. Here members—and some of those who have left in response to the attacks—tell Nick Clark how the witch hunt has changed the party

The Alabama miners strike of 1920—striking a blow at racism

One hundred years ago miners went on strike in Alabama, in the US Deep South. Tomáš Tengely-Evans spoke to historian Brian Kelly about how their action helped to challenge the hold of racial segregation

Spy cops inquiry will not give their victims justice

As the Undercover Policing Inquiry hearings begin, Simon Basketter says this latest chapter will not tell us the whole truth

It’s time to leave Labour

Keir Starmer’s assault on the left shows that Labour is a trap for socialists. It’s time to leave and fight for real change argues Charlie Kimber, editor of Socialist Worker

Young workers speak out—‘The Tories don’t care about us’

The economic impact of the pandemic has devastated millions of workers’ lives across Britain.

Rosa Parks—A radical civil rights activist who fought tirelessly

In a testimonial to other activists, Rosa Parks wrote, “freedom fighters never retire”. And for her, this proved to be true.

US election—an American horror story

As people brace themselves for the latest election night episode of the American horror story, we all hope for Trump’s exorcism from the White House. But, argues Sophie Squire, the real alternative lies with the mass movements, not Joe Biden, the Democrats and the neoliberal centre

The shock figures that show we’re choking to death

Londoners are paying the heaviest health price in Europe for toxic levels of air pollution.

The Gardner’s occupation—a jobs fight that won

Forty years ago this month a workers’ occupation of Gardner’s factory in Eccles, Salford, showed it’s possible to stop mass redundancies. Geoff Brown tells the story. Pictures by John Sturrock

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