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Mutiny and rebellion in the shadow of a world war

The brutality of the First World War and shortages at home meant Russian soldiers were ready to rise up in 1917

President Evil on the rampage—a guide to Donald Trump, monster in the White House

As Trump’s inauguration looms closer, Alistair Farrow takes aim at the boss of bigotry

Was Russia too backward for a socialist revolution?

The Russian working class was a minority in a backward society, but it wielded power disproportionate to its small size

Migrants—part of our class

As left wing figures claim that bringing down immigration is a working class question, Dave Sewell argues the choice is between workers uniting or turning on one another

Robert Burns—an auld radical

The ruling class loves to claim the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns as its own. Yet through Burns’ poetry, Charlie McKinnon uncovers his real, revolutionary legacy

A hundred years on from the 1917 Russian Revolution - when workers stormed heaven

A hundred years ago the 1917 Russian Revolution ushered in a radical new society. We start our anniversary coverage with a look at a year that changed the world

Slaving over the stoves of the rich... and you don’t even get the tips

The scandalous theft of waiters’ service charges at posh Harrods is just the tip of the iceberg of how bosses make life in the kitchens hell, catering workers told Alistair Farrow

Striking back just in time—meet the workers taking on Sir Philip Green

Workers in Solihull near Birmingham are facing down the super-rich and super-hated BHS boss Philip Green. They work on the minimum wage filling orders for his Arcadia Group. For years they accepted poor pay and conditions. But not any more...

Labour, Ukip and workers

Labour politicians claim the party has to be ‘tougher’ on immigration—or risk losing workers to Ukip. Nick Clark argues that aping the racist party will only fuel its success

Remembering Rock Against Racism—how music helped to fight the Nazis

Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed 40 years ago. A new book, Reminiscences of RAR, gives voice to some of those involved. Sadie Robinson looks at some of those voices.

It’s time to delete alt-right

The movement of bigots that Donald Trump has brought off the web forums into the White House tries to look edgy, but Nazis are at its heart

'We won't be bullied'—meet the women standing up to Labour in County Durham

County Durham teaching assistants are battling against the odds—and pushing their union officials—to take the fight to a Labour council trying to slash their pay. Raymie Kiernan spoke to the women leading the fight

'Self defence is no offence'—Victory to the Rotherham 12

Not guilty verdicts in the Rotherham 12 case represent a landmark victory that has implications for anti-racists across Britain. A group of Asian men in Rotherham has shown that if you fight against injustice, you can win, writes Phil Turner

Zero hours contracts and temporary jobs - is precarious work the new norm?

We are told that the rise of precarious work is changing the world. But Joseph Choonara argues that workers’ potential power to change the world is as relevant as ever

‘The protests have made us feel less fearful’—anti-Trump protesters take their anger to the streets

The election of right wing Republican Donald Trump as US president has led to shock—and sparked protests. Activists across the US spoke to Alistair Farrow about the result, the aftermath and how they are fighting back

The resistible rise of the new right

The politics of the ruling class are in deep crisis as disillusionment with the system deepens. Socialist Worker argues that discontent doesn’t have to go to the right

Is Britain becoming more segregated?

A report claiming to show parts of Britain being ‘segregated’ by ethnic minorities and Muslims has fed racist scaremongering and political posturing. But its flawed definitions paint a misleading picture, residents told Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Behind the American nightmare—an interview with Gary Younge

Journalist and author Gary Younge spoke to Socialist Worker about racism, class, violence and the turmoil in US society—and what the election campaign means

‘Red Ellen’ Wilkinson - How a radical campaigner was limited by Labour

A new biography of MP and campaigner Ellen Wilkinson documents her fight for radical change—and how a commitment to parliament scuppered it, writes Nick Clark

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? A false choice that's rigged in favour of the bosses

The vote for US president next Tuesday will pitch two of the most unpopular and reactionary candidates ever against each other. Whoever wins will be distrusted and disliked by a majority of the population.

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