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'We'd take money off the devil'—meet the property speculators carving up your city

Alistair Farrow goes undercover at the Mipim UK property speculators' convention

Hungary 1956—rebirth of socialism from below

On its 60th anniversary, Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the Hungarian Revolution where workers and students battled for power—and shook a regime that claimed to represent them

The crime of Aberfan

A coal slide killed over a hundred people—most of them children—yet it could have been avoided. It was caused by bosses’ neglect and the complicity of some miners’ union leaders.

Birth of a movement—voices of resistance from the Stand Up To Racism conference

The Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) conference in London united refugees, councillors, students, trade unionists and others —and showed the potential to push back racism.

What’s behind Labour’s migrant panic?

Too many Labour politicians are going along with the Tories’ racist arguments that migrants are taking jobs, houses and driving down wages. Dave Sewell looks at the facts

Teaching Labour a lesson in Durham

Rank and file teaching assistants in Durham are fighting for their very livelihoods. Their battle has pitted them not just against the Labour-led council but their own union officials too.

The battle that beat the Blackshirts—80 years since Cable Street

The march of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists was halted on 4 October 1936 by a working class revolt in east London.

Letter to a Jeremy Corbyn supporter

A year since his first letter, Charlie Kimber warns that no peace is possible with the vicious Labour right—and that vital battles outside the party risk being neglected

Resist the rise in racism

An attack on a pregnant woman in Bletchley has focused attention on racism. People in the Milton Keynes town told Tomáš Tengely-Evans about their experiences, the impact of the EU vote—and how they are fighting back

Hate that has deep roots—Christine Delphy speaks out against Islamophobia

Sociologist Christine Delphy, one of France’s leading feminists, spoke to Socialist Worker.

Condition critical—health workers tell how Tory cuts and closures put NHS in crisis

New Tory plans to ‘centralise’ health services are masking a fresh round of cuts to an NHS already under severe strain. Disaster could be just around the corner

Poison Apples—how corporations colluded with the Irish state

The Irish government refuses to take tax off a giant corporation at the same time as imposing brutal austerity. This is an outrage—and it tells us a lot about how the system works, argues People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barrett

Can Jeremy Corbyn’s plans work?

Rivals attack Corbyn’s policies as ‘loony left’ but millions back them nevertheless. Raymie Kiernan and Tomáš Tengely-Evans look at what difference his policies could make

A time of turmoil shaped Karl Marx’s ideas

A new book by Gareth Stedman-Jones, Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion, stresses the impact of dynamic early capitalism on Karl Marx's theories. But workers’ struggles gave them their revolutionary edge that still cuts, argues Simon Basketter

What does socialism look like?

Reforming capitalism is not the same as socialism, argues Sadie Robinson. Another society is possible—but can only come about through a revolution by working class people

Deadly force - cops and their lethal weapons

Cops love their “non-lethal” Tasers so much that their use is rocketing. But they are an ideological tool in the hands of our rulers—and there’s no way of making them safe, argues Dave Sewell. Pictures by Guy Smallman

The real cost of the Tories’ war on welfare reveals the truth behind it

David Cameron and his crusading work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith made a mission of “reforming” benefits.

Here to stay, here to fight - how the Grunwick strike changed everything

Forty years ago this Saturday Asian women workers at Grunwick photo processing plant in north west London walked out. Socialist Worker looks at how their strike, which lasted for nearly two years, was a game-changer in the struggle against racism

Why Frantz Fanon’s call to rise against racism still resonates today

Frantz Fanon was a giant of the fight against colonialism. Chris Newlove hails a revival of his ideas—and argues for taking them further, not letting academia tone them down

How runaway train profits derail safety

Private train firms are wreaking chaos on the railways and making passengers’ lives a misery. Now they want to ram through even more attacks—but a series of strikes to defend safety could stop them in their tracks, writes Raymie Kiernan

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