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Antisocial Tories create an uncaring society

The Tory attacks on both the NHS and social care leave vulnerable people with nowhere to go. Workers spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about two sets of cuts that are creating a crisis—with a real effect on patients’ lives

When we wrecked rulers’ state visits

Before Trump, there was Bush. When Tony Blair rolled out the red carpet for his hated mate in the White House, mass protests ruined their royal tea party

What do we mean by class?

Britain is divided into “two distinct classes—those who own property and those who are getting poorer”.

The intensive scare around ‘health tourism’ is helping the Tories kill the NHS

It’s not migrants who are draining the NHS - and laws to deny them free care are costing lives

Was the Russian Revolution completely spontaneous?

Workers and soldiers spontaneously rose up against the Tsar many times—but it took organisation to carry this through to victory

Why it’s better to be Bolshie

Revolts repeatedly break out, but they don’t always win. The Bolshevik party in Russia showed how socialist organisation plays a critical role in driving revolutions forward to victory

Who were the Mensheviks?

The Mensheviks were revolutionaries, but ended up siding with forces opposed to the Russian Revolution. How did this happen?

Broken potteries? What's really going on in Stoke

The racist Ukip party hopes it can win the Stoke-on-Trent by-election as the press feeds an atmosphere of anti-migrant racism, but Nick Clark finds Labour’s problems go deeper than its failure to offer an anti-racist alternative

1905—a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the Russian Revolution

Twelve years before the 1917 Russian Revolution, another uprising shook the Tsarist regime to its core

Why marching matters: the power of protest

After two weeks of mass resistance to new US president Donald Trump, Simon Basketter looks at the power of protests and where it can lead

How do we beat Trump?

After huge protests against Donald Trump, activists from across the United States told Socialist Worker about how they’re organising to bring down the monster in the White House

Never again! The horror of the Holocaust

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at what created the Nazi genocide—and how to make sure it’s not repeated

Mutiny and rebellion in the shadow of a world war

The brutality of the First World War and shortages at home meant Russian soldiers were ready to rise up in 1917

President Evil on the rampage—a guide to Donald Trump, monster in the White House

As Trump’s inauguration looms closer, Alistair Farrow takes aim at the boss of bigotry

Was Russia too backward for a socialist revolution?

The Russian working class was a minority in a backward society, but it wielded power disproportionate to its small size

Migrants—part of our class

As left wing figures claim that bringing down immigration is a working class question, Dave Sewell argues the choice is between workers uniting or turning on one another

Robert Burns—an auld radical

The ruling class loves to claim the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns as its own. Yet through Burns’ poetry, Charlie McKinnon uncovers his real, revolutionary legacy

A hundred years on from the 1917 Russian Revolution - when workers stormed heaven

A hundred years ago the 1917 Russian Revolution ushered in a radical new society. We start our anniversary coverage with a look at a year that changed the world

Slaving over the stoves of the rich... and you don’t even get the tips

The scandalous theft of waiters’ service charges at posh Harrods is just the tip of the iceberg of how bosses make life in the kitchens hell, catering workers told Alistair Farrow

Striking back just in time—meet the workers taking on Sir Philip Green

Workers in Solihull near Birmingham are facing down the super-rich and super-hated BHS boss Philip Green. They work on the minimum wage filling orders for his Arcadia Group. For years they accepted poor pay and conditions. But not any more...

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