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Remembering Rock Against Racism—how music helped to fight the Nazis

Rock Against Racism (RAR) was formed 40 years ago. A new book, Reminiscences of RAR, gives voice to some of those involved. Sadie Robinson looks at some of those voices.

It’s time to delete alt-right

The movement of bigots that Donald Trump has brought off the web forums into the White House tries to look edgy, but Nazis are at its heart

'We won't be bullied'—meet the women standing up to Labour in County Durham

County Durham teaching assistants are battling against the odds—and pushing their union officials—to take the fight to a Labour council trying to slash their pay. Raymie Kiernan spoke to the women leading the fight

'Self defence is no offence'—Victory to the Rotherham 12

Not guilty verdicts in the Rotherham 12 case represent a landmark victory that has implications for anti-racists across Britain. A group of Asian men in Rotherham has shown that if you fight against injustice, you can win, writes Phil Turner

Zero hours contracts and temporary jobs - is precarious work the new norm?

We are told that the rise of precarious work is changing the world. But Joseph Choonara argues that workers’ potential power to change the world is as relevant as ever

‘The protests have made us feel less fearful’—anti-Trump protesters take their anger to the streets

The election of right wing Republican Donald Trump as US president has led to shock—and sparked protests. Activists across the US spoke to Alistair Farrow about the result, the aftermath and how they are fighting back

The resistible rise of the new right

The politics of the ruling class are in deep crisis as disillusionment with the system deepens. Socialist Worker argues that discontent doesn’t have to go to the right

Is Britain becoming more segregated?

A report claiming to show parts of Britain being ‘segregated’ by ethnic minorities and Muslims has fed racist scaremongering and political posturing. But its flawed definitions paint a misleading picture, residents told Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Behind the American nightmare—an interview with Gary Younge

Journalist and author Gary Younge spoke to Socialist Worker about racism, class, violence and the turmoil in US society—and what the election campaign means

‘Red Ellen’ Wilkinson - How a radical campaigner was limited by Labour

A new biography of MP and campaigner Ellen Wilkinson documents her fight for radical change—and how a commitment to parliament scuppered it, writes Nick Clark

Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? A false choice that's rigged in favour of the bosses

The vote for US president next Tuesday will pitch two of the most unpopular and reactionary candidates ever against each other. Whoever wins will be distrusted and disliked by a majority of the population.

How the Suez crisis sank an empire

Britain invaded Egypt sixty years ago—a brutal response to the resistance against its decaying empire. The result was humiliation. Historian John Newsinger tells the story

'We'd take money off the devil'—meet the property speculators carving up your city

Alistair Farrow goes undercover at the Mipim UK property speculators' convention

Hungary 1956—rebirth of socialism from below

On its 60th anniversary, Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the Hungarian Revolution where workers and students battled for power—and shook a regime that claimed to represent them

The crime of Aberfan

A coal slide killed over a hundred people—most of them children—yet it could have been avoided. It was caused by bosses’ neglect and the complicity of some miners’ union leaders.

Birth of a movement—voices of resistance from the Stand Up To Racism conference

The Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) conference in London united refugees, councillors, students, trade unionists and others —and showed the potential to push back racism.

What’s behind Labour’s migrant panic?

Too many Labour politicians are going along with the Tories’ racist arguments that migrants are taking jobs, houses and driving down wages. Dave Sewell looks at the facts

Teaching Labour a lesson in Durham

Rank and file teaching assistants in Durham are fighting for their very livelihoods. Their battle has pitted them not just against the Labour-led council but their own union officials too.

The battle that beat the Blackshirts—80 years since Cable Street

The march of Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists was halted on 4 October 1936 by a working class revolt in east London.

Letter to a Jeremy Corbyn supporter

A year since his first letter, Charlie Kimber warns that no peace is possible with the vicious Labour right—and that vital battles outside the party risk being neglected

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