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Poison Apples—how corporations colluded with the Irish state

The Irish government refuses to take tax off a giant corporation at the same time as imposing brutal austerity. This is an outrage—and it tells us a lot about how the system works, argues People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd-Barrett

Can Jeremy Corbyn’s plans work?

Rivals attack Corbyn’s policies as ‘loony left’ but millions back them nevertheless. Raymie Kiernan and Tomáš Tengely-Evans look at what difference his policies could make

A time of turmoil shaped Karl Marx’s ideas

A new book by Gareth Stedman-Jones, Karl Marx: Greatness and Illusion, stresses the impact of dynamic early capitalism on Karl Marx's theories. But workers’ struggles gave them their revolutionary edge that still cuts, argues Simon Basketter

What does socialism look like?

Reforming capitalism is not the same as socialism, argues Sadie Robinson. Another society is possible—but can only come about through a revolution by working class people

Deadly force - cops and their lethal weapons

Cops love their “non-lethal” Tasers so much that their use is rocketing. But they are an ideological tool in the hands of our rulers—and there’s no way of making them safe, argues Dave Sewell. Pictures by Guy Smallman

The real cost of the Tories’ war on welfare reveals the truth behind it

David Cameron and his crusading work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith made a mission of “reforming” benefits.

Here to stay, here to fight - how the Grunwick strike changed everything

Forty years ago this Saturday Asian women workers at Grunwick photo processing plant in north west London walked out. Socialist Worker looks at how their strike, which lasted for nearly two years, was a game-changer in the struggle against racism

Why Frantz Fanon’s call to rise against racism still resonates today

Frantz Fanon was a giant of the fight against colonialism. Chris Newlove hails a revival of his ideas—and argues for taking them further, not letting academia tone them down

How runaway train profits derail safety

Private train firms are wreaking chaos on the railways and making passengers’ lives a misery. Now they want to ram through even more attacks—but a series of strikes to defend safety could stop them in their tracks, writes Raymie Kiernan

As the Rio Olympics loom - the brutal reality of Brazil's eviction games

A city planned for the rich and ‘slavery’ for workers while the poor are cleansed for being in the way. Andy Brown and Simon Shaw expose the Rio Olympic Games

Surface tension—the battle against the North Sea oil bosses

Offshore oil workers have a tough life—and to keep up profits bosses are out to make it even tougher. But a new wave of strikes could put a stop to that. Raymie Kiernan spoke to trade unionists organising on the North Sea rigs

You can’t change the cops

The killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in the US, and Mzee Mohammed in Britain, have inspired a wave of protest.

Why Lenin said Communists must try to affiliate to Labour

How to relate to members of the Labour Party has always been one of the most important questions for revolutionaries in Britain. In 1920, when the Communist Party of Great Britain was founded, it was a central debate.

China crisis - could island strife lead to world war?

A recent dispute over islands in the South China Sea is a sign of how imperialist tensions between the US and China could set the region ablaze, writes Dave Sewell

Big Bill Haywood - a fighter against the bosses and revolutionary trade unionist

Big Bill Haywood was a giant of the US workers’ movement. John Newsinger has edited a new collection of Haywood’s journalism and writes on the life of the revolutionary

The Independent Labour Party - prioritising parliament gave more power to the right

Charlie Kimber looks at the Independent Labour Party (ILP), one of the founding organisations of the Labour Party

Our fury matters - black activists speak out

Thousands of people protested across Britain in recent weeks to insist that “Black Lives Matter”. Called in response to a series of police killings in the US, the protests have struck a chord with many young people angry at racism in Britain too. Black activists in London told Socialist Worker about why they are marching—and how to win

How lies created the case for the Iraq war

Tony Blair did not go to war in Iraq because of ‘mistakes’ or ‘honestly held beliefs’—evidence given to the Chilcot inquiry exposes a deliberate process of lies to justify intervention

Revolution and war in Spain in 1936 - a battle that could have been won

This month marks 80 years since fascist General Franco’s coup in Spain sparked resistance that quickly turned to revolt. Socialist Worker looks at how it could have won

Putting our class on the screen - an interview with Tony Garnett

Tony Garnett, producer of Cathy Come Home, talks to Sadie Robinson about battling BBC bosses, representing working class life and why we need socialist change

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