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We will need sterling resistance to stop the bosses’ sabotage

It’s not a paranoid fantasy to argue that parts of the establishment want to derail the left wing Labour leadership’s plans.

Was there a parliamentary alternative to revolution?

Workers in revolt lost faith in the capitalist parliament—and looked towards a better system

Capitalism's nuclear fallout

We can’t rely on another Henry Kissinger stopping a drunk US president pressing the button, writes Simon Basketter. Removing the nuclear threat requires changing the system

Who’s on the march? We investigate the Football Lads Alliance

The Football Lads Alliance (FLA) attracts people with a range of views, But fascists and racists joined its previous march, and it provides a platform around which Islamophobes organise.

Trotsky—the leader who armed the workers’ movement

Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was at the forefront of the 1917 Revolution

The new war on abortion rights - and how we can resist it

Judith Orr, author of the new book Abortion Wars, spoke to Sadie Robinson about what’s driving attacks on abortion—and the renewed resistance to them

US South—monuments to racism must fall

The Confederate statues being brought down across the southern US states are monuments to slavery that were built to bolster white supremacy. They’ve got to go, argues historian Brian Kelly

EU migrants slam the racist right wing Tories’ new plan to divide us

Government documents leaked last week revealed the scale of the Tories’ planned clampdown on European Union migrants living in Britain. Migrants spoke to Dave Sewell about what the changes would mean—and how to take on the Tories’ racist scapegoating

Workers in revolt needed newspapers of their own

Workers’ councils and political parties set up newspapers to counter the lies of the rich—and to organise the struggle against them in the Russian Revolution of 1917

Mutiny at the heart of empire—how soldiers rebelled at Etaples

Ripples of revolution spread across Europe and beyond in the wake of the February revolt in Russia in 1917—and the British Army was no exception

Blood Money—the real cost of the Tories’ murderous arms deals

Arms dealers, top ministers and government officials from across the world descend on east London for the DSEI arms fair next week

How the shockwaves of the Russian Revolution spread across the world

News of revolution in Russia inspired workers to take action against their own rulers—and showed them they could win

No is not enough—but we need more than ideas to change society

Naomi Klein’s vision of how to win change only gets half way there

Up in arms—how workers in Russia united in action to beat a coup

At the beginning of September 1917 the commander of the Russian Army, general Lavr Kornilov, tried to crush the revolution.

The Russian Revolution saw workers transform society—and themselves

Ideas can change fast in a revolution, as ordinary people start to take control of their own lives and the world around them

More stop and search can’t cut knife crime

London police are exploiting recent horrific knife crimes to demand more powers. At the same time, the annual crackdown in the run up to Notting Hill Carnival looks set to involve sinister new surveillance techniques. Alistair Farrow spoke to people in London who bear the brunt of police racism

Four US-backed coups in Latin America—and two close shaves

Bloody history shows why and how we need to keep imperialist hands off Venezuela

How the dying British Empire tore India in half—and how it could have been stopped

Seventy years ago this week the British Empire left India after decades of brutal rule

Capital—a vampire at work

The first volume of Karl Marx’s Capital was published a century and a half ago. Joseph Choonara, author of a new reader’s guide to the work, explains its relevance today

Our terrified rulers spread lies to undermine revolution

Fearing that they would also be toppled, ruling classes across the world organised to crush the Russian Revolution of 1917

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