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Power in a union—Unite's warring bureaucrats and their rank and file challenger

As the Unite general secretary election gets underway, Dave Sewell looks at the politics behind the battle for Britain’s biggest union

How war created famine

Famine is part of a system where access to food can be a weapon and millions can die for the profits and power of the ruling class

School bullies meet their match—how resistance to school funding cuts is spreading

Theresa May and her education secretary Justine Greening may have bitten off more than they can chew

South Korea - a state built for empires

After a corrupt president, a mystic adviser and a giant firm were all humbled by revolt, Simon Basketter looks at how US imperialism, profit and dictatorship shaped South Korea

Lenin sought to unite workers in struggle

Our rulers caricature the Bolsheviks who led the Russian Revolution because they are afraid of a repeat

Here to stay, here to fight. Muslims and migrants on how they're fighting racism

Ten activists from around Britain who will be marching on Saturday told Socialist Worker why they will not be moved

Simmering Petrograd was ready to boil over

Rapid capitalist development in Russian cities gave birth to a working class that dug the Tsar and capitalism’s grave

Capitalism—a system born of slavery

People across the political spectrum acknowledge that racism exists, but its origins are shrouded in mystery—deliberately so.

What's behind the NHS crisis?

As tens of thousands of people get ready to march for the NHS in London tomorrow, Blyth Brentnall looks at what’s causing the NHS crisis—and pins the blame on austerity and privatisation

Must the Labour Party move right?

As pundits argue that Labour can only win if it dumps Jeremy Corbyn’s left wing policies, Dave Sewell looks at what is really behind the party’s problems

February 1917 - when workers remade history

A century ago this week in Russia, the February Revolution ended an ancient dictatorship and began the quest for a new society

Orwell was heading leftward along the Road to Wigan Pier

On the 80th anniversary of George Orwell’s classic The Road to Wigan Pier, Simon Basketter looks at his account of working class life and the left

Moazzam Begg—'The state targets Muslims’

Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Moazzam Begg spoke to Alistair Farrow about the deep Islamophobia at the top of society—and how resistance to it gives him hope

How troops refused orders and joined the Russian Revolution

A mutiny by soldiers was key to forcing out the Tsar in Russia—and a mass revolt of ordinary people made their rebellion possible

Antisocial Tories create an uncaring society

The Tory attacks on both the NHS and social care leave vulnerable people with nowhere to go. Workers spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about two sets of cuts that are creating a crisis—with a real effect on patients’ lives

When we wrecked rulers’ state visits

Before Trump, there was Bush. When Tony Blair rolled out the red carpet for his hated mate in the White House, mass protests ruined their royal tea party

What do we mean by class?

Britain is divided into “two distinct classes—those who own property and those who are getting poorer”.

The intensive scare around ‘health tourism’ is helping the Tories kill the NHS

It’s not migrants who are draining the NHS - and laws to deny them free care are costing lives

Was the Russian Revolution completely spontaneous?

Workers and soldiers spontaneously rose up against the Tsar many times—but it took organisation to carry this through to victory

Why it’s better to be Bolshie

Revolts repeatedly break out, but they don’t always win. The Bolshevik party in Russia showed how socialist organisation plays a critical role in driving revolutions forward to victory

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