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Support for national rights strengthened the 1917 Russian Revolution

The Bolsheviks backed national rights for oppressed groups as a way of overcoming ‘Greater Russian chauvinism’

West of both worlds - inside the segregated borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Grenfell Tower fire has exposed the deep inequality at the heart of Kensington and Chelsea.

Abortion—demand the right to choose

Socialists must fight to defend and extend the right to free, safe and legal abortions

How revolution spread across Russia’s empire

Beginning in the capital Petrograd, the revolution quickly convulsed the vast Russian empire in struggles

Class—not age—is the key divide in Britain

Are workers the most conservative? Tomáš Tengely-Evans argues the election results tell a different story

Backing ‘soft Brexit’ and cross-party talks would spell disaster for the left

A catalogue of right wingers and rogues within the Labour Party want to work with the Tories and bosses.

How do you deal with debate during a revolution?

It’s a myth that the Bolsheviks were repressive dictators. Open debate was central to their revolutionary method

‘We need a summer of discontent’—activists, trade unionists and Labour supporters on where next after the election

Trade unionists, Labour Party members and campaigners spoke to Socialist Worker about how we can force the Tories from office.

Division and rule in Ireland—how Unionism bolstered empire

Simon Basketter looks at the brutal history of British imperialism in Ireland and the long-standing relationship between the Tories and Unionist bigots

Six days that entrenched imperialism

Fifty years ago Israel launched the Six Day War in a bid to shore up its relationship with the US and its murderous rule over Palestine, writes Nick Clark

Migrant workers say—‘Don't blame us for low pay’

Politicians across the spectrum, from the Tories to Labour, accept the myth that migrants are to blame for lower wages. But striking migrant workers are pushing wages up

Manuel Noriega—the murderous stooge the US betrayed in Panama

Colonel Manuel Noriega was a dictator and drug-runner. But he was also a bought and paid-for stooge of US imperialism.

Alexander Kerensky was loyal to the war but a traitor to the revolution

Alexander Kerensky started out on the side of the revolution but betrayed workers’ and soldiers’ demands for an end to the war

Blame the system that creates terrorism

Terrorist attacks are often a brutal response to a brutal world, explains Simon Basketter—and the only way to end the violence is to transform the society that breeds it

Who really rules Britain?

We are told regularly that, unlike dictatorships, ‘the people’ govern Britain. But, says Dave Sewell, it’s the unelected rich and powerful that really have their hands on the wheel

The sailors of Kronstadt saw the best and the worst of the Russian revolution

Working class sailors in the Baltic Fleet were the revolution’s powerhouse—and later the victims of its isolation and decline

Who killed Daniel Morgan? Corrupt cops, journalists and a south London murder

Daniel Morgan was murdered on 10 March 1987. His body was found in a car park in south London.

Why did ‘soviets’ matter?

Most of the media and mainstream politicians don’t think much of ordinary people.

Who’s pulling the strings?

Alistair Farrow looks at the power of the media—and its limits

They’ve got the money - let’s raise the taxes on the rich

The Tories tell us we can’t afford to spend on public services. That’s a bit rich, writes Charlie Kimber

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