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Cracks in US ruling class are chance to dump Donald Trump

US establishment figures hope they can impeach Trump over ‘Ukrainegate’. We need to go beyond their narrow differences, writes Gabby Thorpe

Rising up for higher education - UCU activists on why they are striking back

A revolt is brewing on university campuses across Britain as UCU union members—lecturers, researchers and support staff—prepare for eight days of strikes over pay and pensions later this month.

Will fake news win the general election?

Mainstream pundits are in a tizz over misinformation on the web. But as Nick Clark argues, lying in the media isn’t new—and the key thing isn’t what it says, but what we do

Addaction—fighting the charities taking over health services that won’t pay up

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at what a strike at a rehabilitation service says about the health service

When the wall came tumbling down

So-called socialist regimes in eastern Europe were nothing of the kind

Grenfell—still no reckoning for the real culprits

The Tory politicians and housing bosses responsible for the murder of 72 people in the Grenfell fire avoided the spotlight in the inquiry’s report last week

Exploring a world in rebellion

With huge anti-government movements erupting across the globe, Sadie Robinson looks the root cause of these protests and how these struggles have the potential to win

‘I could’ve been one of the 39 who died’—refugees speak out over lorry deaths

The horrific deaths of 39 people found in the back of a lorry in Essex brought back terrible memories for many refugees.

Whose streets? Our streets! Why it matters to fight for control of our space to resist

As disruption flares up around the globe, Simon Basketter looks at how the architecture of cities, institutions and the system is designed to dampen dissent—but how these can face a radical challenge from below

The Kurds—a history of agony

The Kurds once again find themselves under attack and under pressure from imperial powers

1919 race riots in Britain—a legacy of empire

One hundred years ago Britain was gripped by huge workers’ struggles but also horrific race riots. Ken Olende looks at how the racist violence was unleashed—and how some of the left organised against it

Extinction Rebellion—a carnival of resistance on London’s streets

Rebels from the Extinction Rebellion took over some of the most famous streets in London in a bid to force action on climate change.

A history of oppression and revolt in Haiti

As demonstrations again see a revolt in Haiti causing a crisis for the country’s rulers Gabby Thorpe looks at its turbulent history

Austerity, Brexit chaos and political failure - a warning of how the right can win

Sadie Robinson reports from Doncaster and Barnsley on how bitter frustration at years of austerity and political failure have created the conditions for the right to benefit—but anger could also be pulled to the left

Extinction Rebellion activists say – ‘Climate rebellion is making history’

Tens of thousands of people will be occupying central London in October demanding action over climate change. Extinction Rebellion activists spoke to Sarah Bates about why the action matters—and how it’s making an impact

Gandhi, violence and victory – which tactics can win real change?

Mohandas Gandhi’s legacy continues to inspire activists today. Socialist Worker looks back at the tactics of the mass movement that kicked the British Empire out of India

1949 — Mao & the Chinese revolution

Seventy years ago revolution in China threw off the rule of landlords and struck a blow to Western imperialism. But it wasn’t a socialist revolution, and its aims were not to put people in power, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Revolt to save the planet

As the climate movement intensifies, Sarah Bates says a new book by activist and author Naomi Klein raises serious questions about what action can win a sustainable world

Royal Mail workers: fighting a package of attacks

This time it really is the big one. Decades of struggles over the future of Royal Mail and the postal industry have all been leading towards this pitched battle.

The rulers’ party is rotting

There’s a been Tory party since the late 17th century—now it’s in severe crisis. Simon Basketter looks at what could cause the death of the party for those who are born to rule

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