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'US fundamentalism has created massive despair'

THE MAIN explanation in the media for 11 September is that it was a product of irrational fundamentalism. How would you answer this?

New Labour lets down the class

MILLIONS OF young people are living through the great exam nightmare this week. Around 1.2 million schoolchildren aged seven, 11 and 14 were sitting the SAT exams. Hundreds of thousands more students were sitting GCSE mock exams and GCSEs, and more still have taken AS and A-level exams.

Can't buy, can't sell, can't rent

THE spiralling cost of finding somewhere to live in London was a key issue behind Tuesday's strike by council workers in the capital. Local councils are effectively blocked from building new homes by New Labour's determination to continue Tory attacks on council housing. So many workers are desperately trying to buy houses.

What causes crime?

THE LEVEL of crime is exaggerated by politicians and the media. But crime and fear of crime are real. Of course, the TV and papers generally ignore the crimes committed by big business. And we rarely hear about the daily routine of crime committed in the City by financiers and businessmen.

Global protest against the IMF and World Bank

IN AN ordinary street, a family goes from tree to tree, looking through sealed bags of rubbish for something to eat. With quick fingers they open the bags, check the contents and take something out.

Unity that turned the fascist tide

HITLER HAD been in power for 12 months. The strongest working class movement in the world lay shattered beneath his feet. Fascists were gaining ground across Europe. The world was mired in economic slump, which brought with it mass unemployment and wage cuts.

Fascism - what it is and how to fight it

FASCISTS ARE not just right wing Tories or repulsive racists who scapegoat immigrants. Fascists aim to smash democracy and break all forms of working class organisation.

The rage that threatens the US grip on oil

ISRAEL'S WAR on the Palestinians is spreading convulsions across the Arab world. Popular outrage from Morocco, on the Atlantic coast of North Africa, to Jordan, in the heart of the Middle East, is pouring out against the US and Israel. More worrying for the corrupt rulers of the Arab regimes, anger on university campuses and on the streets is turning against them too. This is all taking place in a region which the world's most powerful state, the US, sees as vital to its global domination.

Stop bosses before they kill again

IS NEW Labour retreating from an election pledge it made to introduce laws to stop bosses getting away with murder? Valerie Keating is the Home Office official in charge of the proposed legislation.

United in struggle

SOCIALISTS argue for people to break with the Labour Party. Yet at the same time they spend a lot of time seeking to work alongside Labour Party members. Why should we campaign with Labour Party MPs and councillors to defend council housing when it is the Labour Party that is attempting to push through privatisation?

What the news doesn't tell you about Palestine

HOW HAS the media failed to inform audiences about events in Palestine?

When is a murder a bloody atrocity?

"WE discovered there were differences in the language used to describe Israeli and Palestinian actions. We found that words like "murder", "savage", "cold blooded killing" and "atrocities" were only being used by journalists to describe Israeli deaths, not deaths of Palestinians. So there was a clear difference.

Workers pay out, wealthy cash in

THE SUN claimed that Gordon Brown's budget last week "smacks of red blooded socialism and redistribution of wealth". As ever, the paper was completely wrong. Brown made only the smallest move towards increasing tax to give more to the NHS.

Coming Events

Saturday 27 April No to war on Iraq, justice for Palestine. Demonstrate, 11am, George Square, Glasgow. Speakers include George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan. Called by Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War.

Burnley: tackling the Nazi conmen

BURNLEY IN Lancashire faces the highest number of Nazi British National Party candidates of any town in the local elections on 2 May. The BNP is putting forward 13 candidates in 15 wards across Burnley. The Nazis hope to con working people into voting for them by presenting themselves as ordinary local campaigners. They aren't.

General strike offers a new vision for a growing movement in Italy

Did the Genoa protests contribute to the three million strong demonstration called by the CGIL union federation in Rome on 23 March?

The rich are living it up under Blair

THE RICH are still sitting on their hoards of wealth after chancellor Gordon Brown's budget on Wednesday. Britain's richest 200 people were worth £69.3 billion in 1997. They are now worth £102.6 billion. Yet one in three children in Britain are still living below the poverty line after five years of New Labour government.

How council tenants beat New Labour in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM tenants delivered a body blow last weekend to the government's plans to destroy council housing. The two to one vote against privatisation shows New Labour's bullying can be beaten. Tenants were promised investment in their homes if they voted for transfer to a private housing association.

What the 70s can teach us all today

Cliff was a founder member of the Socialist Workers' Party. In the Thick of Workers' Struggle is the second volume of his selected writings published since his death two years ago. Marxism's core principle — that working class emancipation can only be won by the action of the working class itself — was always central to Cliff's Marxism, but with a crucial emphasis.

Welcome for truth about Palestine

"ISRAEL IS The Terror State" filled the front page of last week's Socialist Worker. That message received a huge response from people outraged by Israeli leader Sharon's war on the Palestinians. On Saturday's 100,000-strong solidarity demo in London 4,000 copies of Socialist Worker were sold, with over 300 people joining the SWP.

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