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The case against the war

The exchange between longstanding anti-war activist Tariq Ali and Peter Hain took place at a 200-strong fringe meeting at the Labour Party conference after Tony Blair delivered his speech.

Blair's 'solutions' are the problem

Tony Blair summed up Labour's mission as, "Let us reorder this world," when he spoke at the Labour conference last week. He said the "international community" could sort out the world's problems. But when Blair talks of the "international community" he does not mean ordinary people showing solidarity with one another.

The end of the line for privatisation

THE spectacular collapse of Railtrack ought to be the final nail in the coffin for privatisation. Shareholders were screaming for compensation this week. And Railtrack was threatening legal action to free up £350 million to hand to them.

Striking back

TUBE DRIVERS in London were set to strike on Friday of this week in a dispute that should be a rallying point for everyone opposed to New Labour's privatisation plans for London Underground.

Socialist Worker Appeal

THE SOCIALIST Worker Appeal has shot up by over £14,000 in the last week. Our readers and supporters have raised a total of £75,332 so far. Every penny of this is being thrown into campaigning against the war, and the cuts and privatisation Blair is trying to sneak through.

Whose job will be axed next?

"BLACK WEDNESDAY". That was the Mirror's banner headline last week as the scale of the job cuts sweeping Britain became clear. Behind the figures lie workers whose lives will be devastated as they are thrown on the dole. Thousands more workers will be terrified that they too could be caught in the jobs cull.

We need your money now more than ever

AS THE New McLabour conference pushed an agenda of war and privatisation, Socialist Worker responded by taking to the streets to support the Brighton protest against privatisation and for peace.

The union leaders avoid the issues

"THE WHOLE conference has been an exercise in avoiding debates. "It's incredible that we have avoided the issue over public services and have not taken a position on Star Wars."

The terror unleashed by the US

"THEY ARRIVE at an undefended village, assemble all the residents in the town square, and then proceed to kill, in full view of the others, all persons working for the government-including police, local militia members, party members, health workers, teachers and farmers."

Forced into new poverty

WHILE THE government spends billions on the build-up to war, it is pushing through vicious attacks on disabled people's benefits. New Labour is preparing to rob the sick and vulnerable of Incapacity Benefit. Many Labour Party members and disability rights campaigners were furious when Tony Blair announced the plan in July.

Against capitalism and against the war

OVER 1,000 people gathered in London last Saturday for an anti-capitalist conference organised by Globalise Resistance. Throughout the day the main venue, the former Hammersmith Palais, was a throng of people, debate and discussion.

Job cuts to cash in on the crisis

"YOU'RE SACKED." That's the blunt message tens of thousands of workers are getting from their bosses. Behind official talk of pulling together behind the "war on terrorism" a growing number of firms are ramming through savage job cuts.

The iron fist behind profits

"I SPENT most of my time being a high class muscleman for big business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. I was a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China, I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested." US GENERAL SMEDLEY BUTLER

We need your money now more than ever

IN THE last week Socialist Worker has been part of building anti-war meetings and protests across the country.

Anti-war meeting: Arguments against the warmongers

The building of a movement against war was given an enormous boost at a marvellous rally in central London last Friday. At just a few days notice over 2,000 packed into Friends Meeting House opposite the capital's Euston station. There hasn't been a meeting like that in London for at least 20 years.

System in crisis before US disaster

THE WORLD economy is on the verge of a major recession. That was the bleak message last week as 100,000 workers on both sides of the Atlantic lost their jobs and the stock exchange plunged downwards.

Sackings, privatisation no let up from their side

"IT HAS been suggested that it is appropriate to hold back our anti-privatisation campaigning for the forseeable future, in the wake of events in the US. Such a move might make sense if the government itself was suspending the privatisation drive, but it is clearly doing no such thing.

Airline companies exploit the tragedy

THOUSANDS of workers across Britain and the US are facing the prospect of redundancy in the aftermath of the events in the United States. Aerospace industry and airline bosses have been at the forefront of sacking thousands of workers.

Our world: not for sale or destruction

A MAJOR conference in London this weekend will bring activists together to discuss how to build the movement against capitalism and war. Anti-capitalist group Globalise Resistance had called the counter-conference to coincide with the planned demonstrations against the IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington.

Profiteers are on the rampage

BOSSES around the world are using the crisis caused by the destruction of the World Trade Centre to push through massive job cuts and make even more profits. Around 100,000 jobs were cut in the US and British airline and aviation industries in days.

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