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Profiteers are on the rampage

BOSSES around the world are using the crisis caused by the destruction of the World Trade Centre to push through massive job cuts and make even more profits. Around 100,000 jobs were cut in the US and British airline and aviation industries in days.

Labour cracks down on our civil liberties

THE government wants to ram through severe attacks on civil liberties under the cover of its "war against terrorism". Home secretary David Blunkett confirmed last weekend that he is "very seriously" considering introducing compulsory identity cards.

We need your money now more than ever

THE US and its allies will make billions available for war. The millionaire-owned press will dutifully back their demands for revenge. Socialist Worker will be exposing their lies, putting the arguments against a horrific war and throwing ourselves into building a mass anti-war movement. At the same time we will be putting the case against the big business policies Blair is trying to sneak in under the cover of war.

US intervention brings disaster

The record speaks for itself

Well worn road from friend to foe

THE US says it is going to "take out" the "evil" Osama Bin Laden. We have been here before. The US and its allies have declared many individuals "evil" as a prelude to launching military assaults.

Myth of national unity

Business profits from the tragedy IF YOU believed the media at the beginning of this week you would have thought all that mattered was the reopening of the New York stock exchange. "Back In Business" was the front page headline of the Sun on Tuesday. "Right now I want to go in and make some money," one stockbroker was quoted as saying in the Guardian.

Voices raised against war

'I THINK we must be very careful about assuming that a great many people in this country want vengeance. They want this to be prevented from ever happening again. What one suspects is that there are people from all over the Middle East who, because of what they have seen happening in Palestine and elsewhere, are prepared to go to desperate lengths.' TAM DALYELL MP

Coalition of hypocrites

The bloody record of Bush and his allies GEORGE BUSH has used the horror of the attack on the World Trade Centre to "rally the world against international terrorism". The US wants to launch a revenge attack. It is targeting not just those behind the attacks in New York, but any state that dares to stand up against it. Bush wants to present whatever he does as a justifiable attack on an "evil" enemy, part of what he and Tony Blair present as a war of "civilisation" against "barbarism".

"Welcome to the first global recession of the 21st century." - Economist, 25 August

STOCK markets tumbled last week in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Many commentators predicted global economic recession. But the world economy was already in deep trouble.

How safe are skyscrapers?

AFTER THE horror in the US last week anyone who works in a skyscraper or high rise building will have fears about safety. The way the World Trade Centre towers collapsed was one of the most chilling aspects of the tragedy.

Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden

AS SOON as news broke last week of the devastation in the United States, Osama Bin Laden was proclaimed the number one suspect. Afghanistan was dubbed a "rogue state" and has been accused of harbouring terrorists.

Help us rise to the challenge by raising £200,000 for the Socialist Worker Appeal

THE NEED for a socialist paper has rarely been greater. That's why we are asking our readers to help raise £200,000. The growing anti-capitalist movement is worrying apologists for the system. Bitterness at Labour's second term is boiling over. There is sudden panic about a possible economic slowdown.


"ONE BY one, economies around the world are stumbling," warned the normally enthusiastically pro-market Economist magazine this week. Most serious commentators now fear that the world is heading for a major slump.

Refugees' desperate defiance

"WE ARE not animals. We are not criminals. We are human beings," cried hundreds of desperate and defiant refugees last week. They were fighting back against the treatment they suffer because of the policies of Tony Blair and other European Union leaders. Over 900 refugees are at a Red Cross centre in a giant hangar outside Sangatte, near the French Channel port of Calais.

Bosses fear we can sink privatisation

PROTESTS COULD "kill off" the government's Private Finance Initiative (PFI). That is the fear of John Gains, chief executive of construction firm John Mowlem. The giant firm is a key player in PFI projects in hospitals, schools, councils and transport around Britain.

Four million need places

NEW LABOUR'S childcare policies are failing and provide nothing for the vast majority of children and parents. That's the message from a Daycare Trust survey published last week. The Daycare Trust, a national childcare charity, has recently been very enthusiastic about many of the government's policies. So its report is particularly damning.

Britain's terror policy to crush protest

"SOLDIERS BROKE into a house, hit one person several times in the body with the rifle butt, shot rubber bullets at a girl at point blank range, and threw a young man through a window."

Daily attacks by Loyalists

TODAY LOYALIST paramilitary groups are terrorising Catholics. They are also targeting people in mixed Catholic and Protestant families. Socialist Worker spoke to SEAN McVEIGH, a teacher in North Belfast, one of the worst affected areas.

Build resistance to the BNP Nazis

DAVID BLUNKETT, the home secretary, has banned the Anti Nazi League (ANL) carnival in Burnley set for 1 September. The carnival was to be a celebration of multiracial society in the face of the support for the Nazi British National Party (BNP) in the north west of England in the recent general election.

They said bombs would save Kurds

Tony Blair met George Bush last week. Their so called "special relationship" is sealed in blood. The day before they met US and British planes were again bombing Iraq. They bombed the northern "no-fly zone" just under a week after bombing Baghdad. Blair and Bush say the bombing raids are carefully targeted.

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