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Making a Marx on history—celebrating 200 years since Karl Marx's birth

Alex Callinicos looks at the lasting legacy of the great revolutionary

Standing in the way of privatised education - the battle against academies in Newham

An inspiring battle in east London has breathed new life into the fight to stop academies. Two socialist activists, Carolyn McGrath and Miriam Scharf, spoke to Socialist Worker about how the campaign was built – and how others can take up the struggle elsewhere

Paris in spring 1968 - fifty years on from a working class revolt that shook the state

The story of what happened in France in May 1968 is a reminder to never despair about the potential of workers to resist. Fifty years ago this month workers in France waged a struggle that shook the government and the state.

Join the protests against the Football Lads Alliance

Racists and fascists want to bring Islamophobia onto the streets of London and Manchester next month. Activists spoke to Tomáš Tengely-Evans about why they’re joining the mobilisations to stop them

Labour & the state’s war drive

The establishment and the Labour right are most enraged by Jeremy Corbyn when he speaks against war, the links with the US and nuclear weapons. Nick Clark explains why

Battle on the docks—when workers marched for Enoch Powell

Support for racist Enoch Powell among some dockers showed how racism could take hold. But many fought against it

From Enoch Powell’s speech to Stephen Lawrence’s murder—how racism grows, and how it’s beaten back

This week marks the anniversaries of Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech and Stephen Lawrence’s murder. Both can tell us about how to fight racism

Stephen Lawrence’s killing exposed the cops’ racism

The racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and its aftermath changed Britain. A campaign led by his parents forced the state to hold an inquiry into Stephen’s death and the police investigation into it.

‘We’ll reject the legacy of the racist Tory Powell’

Fifty years on, anti-racists will defy the message of Enoch Powell’s racist speech, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Anti-Muslim racism has made France the Republic of Islamophobia

Emmanuel Macron managed to beat fascist Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election this time last year.

What’s behind gun and knife crime?

After several recent killings of young people in London, media and politicians have blamed “gangs” and to call for more resources for police. But, as Sarah Bates finds, the roots of the violence lie in deep social problems

Did big data rig the votes?

It’s a scary world out there. Powerful people are doing grubby things with personal information we may not even realise we’ve made available to them on the internet.

Why Israel is a racist state

Supporters of Israel say it’s antisemitic to call Israel racist. They want to silence legitimate criticisms of its institutional racism against the Palestinians

Israel's massacre at Deir Yassin

After the massacre, the militias boasted to the press of how many Arabs they had killed.

Fighting back because we care - Birmingham home care workers speak out

Women workers in Birmingham spoke to Sarah Bates about their battle to stop a Labour council attacking a key service in the city

Heading for a collision on France’s railways

French president Emmanuel Macron has picked a fight with the historic stronghold of the French working class—the railway workers. Charlie Kimber argues that unions must fight now

A system of alienated labour means misery for workers

Alistair Farrow looks at how capitalism alienates workers from their labour, other workers and the world around us

‘How strikes have changed us’, university workers celebrate their action

Workers’ involvement in a wave of university walkouts by the UCU union has taken bosses by surprise. Strikers and students spoke to Sadie Robinson about how the action is changing the campuses—and themselves

Reclaim Martin Luther King the radical

Liberals have tried to sanitise Martin Luther King ever since his death 50 years ago. But, says Yuri Prasad, King was a radical who blamed capitalism for racism, poverty and war

Hunger for freedom at Yarl’s Wood

A hunger and labour strike at the Yarl’s Wood detention centre is shaking up the authorities. We show the the reality of life inside the centre, and how Home Office racism lies behind it

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