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Who really rules Britain?

We are told regularly that, unlike dictatorships, ‘the people’ govern Britain. But, says Dave Sewell, it’s the unelected rich and powerful that really have their hands on the wheel

The sailors of Kronstadt saw the best and the worst of the Russian revolution

Working class sailors in the Baltic Fleet were the revolution’s powerhouse—and later the victims of its isolation and decline

Who killed Daniel Morgan? Corrupt cops, journalists and a south London murder

Daniel Morgan was murdered on 10 March 1987. His body was found in a car park in south London.

Why did ‘soviets’ matter?

Most of the media and mainstream politicians don’t think much of ordinary people.

Who’s pulling the strings?

Alistair Farrow looks at the power of the media—and its limits

They’ve got the money - let’s raise the taxes on the rich

The Tories tell us we can’t afford to spend on public services. That’s a bit rich, writes Charlie Kimber

How we fought the colonels’ coup in Greece—and what it can teach us for today

Fifty years ago on Friday, Maria Styllou was among those who occupied the Greek embassy in London in response to a coup in Greece. She explains how the coup happened and what it means

Hospitals - Tories’ racist message to migrants is, keep out

One hospital is giving out leaflets telling patients without the right papers to pay up or risk being kicked out of Britain. Dave Sewell continues our investigation into the racist clampdown in the NHS

Workers’ ideas—changing through struggle

There is a constant battle for which ideas win out in society, argues Sadie Robinson. And when workers begin to fight back they turn all the normal ideas they’re fed upside down

May Day in Russia, 1917 - a beacon to workers across the world

May Day 1917 saw massive celebrations in Russia—but tension was brewing against the provisional government

New Labour—things only got worse

New Labour swept into office 20 years ago this week. Nick Clark explains how the party is still being punished today for Blair’s attempts to sideline the working class

After seven years of Tory rule—seven reasons to end it

Tory governments have waged war on ordinary people since 2010, helped until 2015 by their Lib Dem allies. Of the countless reasons to kick them out, Eleanor Claxton-Mayer and Alistair Farrow explain seven of the key ones

How the West wrecked Libya

Libya in North Africa is being torn apart by a grinding civil war stoked by competing imperial powers. The horror there is a painful lesson in why military intervention should be opposed, writes Alistair Farrow

Taking the fight to the Nazis in Wood Green

Forty years ago this week thousands of anti-fascists partly broke up a Nazi National Front (NF) march in north London.

Stalin was the embodiment of a counter-revolution

Joseph Stalin wrote to his Bolshevik party comrade Lev Kamenev in 1912, “I kiss you on the nose, Eskimo-fashion. Dammit! I miss you something awful. I miss you like hell, I swear. I have no one, not a soul to have a proper talk with, damn you.”

Marine Le Pen's front for fascism

Front National (FN) presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is riding high in the polls. Dave Sewell argues she remains a committed Nazi despite attempts to detoxify the brand

Welcome to America: our vicious border controls just got nastier

Border guards and immigration cops, boosted by Donald Trump's election, are sowing terror and wrecking lives in south western US states. Migrants and campaigners spoke to Alistair Farrow

Who James Baldwin was and why you should see I Am Not Your Negro

Elizabeth Grant-Campbell reviews I Am Not Your Negro, a new film about radical writer and activist James Baldwin, and Dave Sewell looks at the work and politics of a unique fighter against oppression

Organising at work helped to protect the Russian Revolution

Workers flocked to join unions during the Russian Revolution—but as they grew bigger, so did their contradictions

The Labour Party and the 'national interest'

Nothing good can come of putting nation before class

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