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Searching for the roots of Reggae’s liberatory sound

Roots, Reggae and Rebellion, presented by the politically-charged rapper and poet Akala, is a journey through the rise of the movement.

Brutal reality of US power exposed in new play on war

Arcola Theatre’s new production, Drones, Baby, Drones, has uncomfortable questions on warfare for a liberal conscience, writes?Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Shaking off colonial restrictions in 1960s Bamako—the photography of Malick Sidibe

photographer Malick Sidibe became known as “the eye of Bamako” for his black and white images chronicling youth culture in Bamako in the wake of Mali’s independence in 1960.

How revolutionary times produced revolutionary art

The 1917 Russian Revolution unleashed a torrent of creativity in every field of art, from painting and sculpture to acting, poetry and architectural engineering.

Boyz n the Hood re-release couldn’t be more relevant

Back in the early 1990s anyone who followed black American culture could sense a coming explosion. A series of black films were omens of a new era.

Don’t miss out on the best of new African cinema

The Royal African Society presents its sixth film festival showcasing its pick of the best new African film and filmmakers this month.

Caravaggio—paintings that pushed the boundaries of a new society

A new exhibition explores the work of 17th century artist Caravaggio and his followers—and the turbulent period that produced it, writes?Julie Sherry

Westworld—gun-slinging robots turn fantasies into nightmares

Westworld depicts a society where the rich pay vast amounts to take out their basest desires on a virtual reality populated by synthetic humans and animals.

Chasing Asylum film smuggles out the message from Australia's offshore camps

This harrowing but powerful film to be shown on BBC Four next week exposes the human impact of the Australian government’s cruelty to refugees.

Skinheads–a working class cult that’s been ska’d for life?

Say “skinheads” and most people will think instinctively of fascist thugs but the truth is far more complex.

Brutality lives on in US as prisons replace plantations

Black people in the US make up 5 percent of the total population—but 25 percent of the prison population. This insightful documentary film exposes the reality behind the statistic.

Will Damned expose Tories’ cuts agenda in social work?

Damned, Channel 4’s new sitcom about social workers, made a decent start. But we’re yet to see if it will tackle the real issues, writes Louise Harrisen

Abstract Expressionism—when New York was alive with promise

The Royal Academy’s exhibition gives a glimpse of New York’s artistic scene in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Free State of Jones - an American Civil War story that will sting racists with its tale

A film about Confederate deserter Newton Knight punctures the myth of a South united behind slavery in the American Civil War, writes Charlie Kimber

William Blake’s paintings give Tracey Emin’s famous bed new meaning

An exhibition in Liverpool offers a rare chance to see two very different giants of art, writes Alex May

The Magnificent Seven - Cowboys take on capitalism in a slow-paced shoot-out

Director Antoine Fuqua’s new take on 1960s hit western The Magnificent Seven has provoked debate about the film’s intentions. Also: Eastern Europeans in Brexitland, An evening with Peggy Seeger

Don't forget Dada’s rebellion against a ridiculous society

It’s 100 years since the birth of the Dada artistic movement. Rachel Levine argues BBC’s new TV documentary Gaga for Dada misses the point entirely.

A Very British Deterrent - Trident exposes our rulers' contempt for democracy

A BBC documentary uses previously secret documents to tell the story of Britain's nuclear “deterrent” from the end of the Second World War.

The state gets vicious When Two Worlds Collide in Peru

Alberto Pizango and 51 others have been on trial for the last two years in Peru charged with rebellion, sedition, murder and conspiracy against the state.

The ‘good guys’ are more brutal in a darker Narcos

The story of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and those who pursue him gets darker in this superior new season.

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