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Vox Lux is a bold vision, but loses its politics along way

A brutal school shooting in Statten Island, New York, is the start of a glittering pop career in Vox Lux.

Stanley Kubrick exhibition is one for the die-hard fans

Film exhibitions often amount to no more than memorabilia. This exhibition about film director Stanley Kubrick has higher ambitions.

Styx - showing up the brutality of borders

Styx centres around a woman on a solo sailing journey from Gibraltar to Ascension Island who comes across African refugees in a sinking fishing vessel.

Loro - an uncomfortable view of Silvio Berlusconi’s seedy world

A movie about former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi can be hard to watch—but it exposes a horrible and vulgar system, writes Simon Basketter

The Parisian is a challenging debut novel about identity

Isabella Hammad’s book is an ambituous examination of ideas of identity and colonialism without sacrificing its narrative, writes Gareth Jenkins

The Half-God of Rainfall is inspired by mythology—but it reflects a sexist reality

The Half-God of Rainfall is a contemporary tale of violence, trauma and taking back power

The End of the Myth argues racism in the US is tied up in its ‘frontier’ narrative

For historian Greg Grandin, the story of the frontier is more like Cormac McCarthy’s macabre anti-Western novel Blood Meridian

Dreams and prospects are broken in The Sisters Brothers

There’s bags of atmosphere and mercifully few cliches in this poignant, brutal and sometimes funny film, says?Alistair Farrow

At Eternity’s Gate tells a story of fragility and artistic genius

While this film about Van Gogh’s last years could have approached the writer’s life in more fruitful ways, it remains poignant, writes Ben Windsor

A new African epic, with Afronauts

The Old Drift is an astounding novel about Zambia that is rich in history, politics and extraordinarily fine storytelling.

Home is an empathetic sitcom exploring the refugee crisis

Channel 4’s new six-part sitcom written by and starring Rufus Jones is very promising.

Girl is a powerful film about trans teenager’s struggles

The story is a compelling tale of Tara’s battles at a top ballet school alongside her fight to live an authentic life. It’s a masterful study, argues?Laura Miles

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez looks at how sexism in society kills women

Sexism pervades every level of society throughout the world—home, work, public spaces, transport, health care and leisure

A marvelous step forward for cinema’s superheroes

There’s some interesting themes in Captain Marvel, and sexists won’t like it. But it failed to live up to its potential

Foxtrot film doesn’t dance to the Israeli state’s rhythm

It was funded and then boycotted by the Israeli government, but Nick Clark argues that it reduces the occupation of Palestine to a story-telling device

And the Rest of Me Floats

This is a bold and vibrant piece of theatre that feels like a celebration of gender fluidity.

Story of race in the US leaves audience floundering

Race and class in Trump’s America form the spine of this well-directed play.

Resist the attempts to turn the screws on drill musicians

The ruling class say violence happens because of music, but they are deflecting blame from themselves, argues?Love Music Hate Racism’s Zak Cochrane

Diane Arbus used her photographs to tell stories

Diane Arbus’s portraits grab your attention and challenge you.

Jeff Koons’s art is glitzy, but does it still have power to shock?

A new exhibition featuring 17 famously grotesque pieces by Jeff Koons jostles with antiquity at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, writes?Kate Douglas

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