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The myth of the good old days makes for a poor new play

Anna in the Tropics

I Heart Huckabees | Romeo and Juliet | Return to V - Roni Size

I Heart HuckabeesDirected by David O Russell When failing environmentalist Albert hires the Existential Detective Agency to explain a not very strange coincidence, chaos erupts as rival philosophical firms compete to "solve" the lives of the various characters with Eastern transcendentalism or French nihilism.

Life Interrupted: Don McCullin shows AIDS victims abandoned, but still fighting

Don McCullin has taken some of the defining pictures of the 21st century.

Outfoxed: a Fox that richly deserves to be hunted down

Outfoxed takes a close look at the Murdoch-owned cable channel Fox News.


Lifeblood Manic Street Preachers

Revolutionary plates and teapots broke the mould

THERE IS no exhibition more exciting than one showing the explosion of artistic expression thrown up by the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Stars and Stripes shaped like a swastika?

Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America by Stephen Sewell

Crawl though barbed wire just to reach your own home

Wall Directed by Simone Bitton

Can you tell your friends from your enemies?

A FEROCIOUS murder, seemingly driven by racial hatred, is the background to this film about teenage life below the poverty line.

There’s nothing like a witch hunt to keep you in control

The Crucible

In brief

Comme une Image

Take the Troubles and wrap a story round them

In my new book, The Defender, the main character, a 14 year old boy called Ian, comes home to find two menacing characters waiting for his dad.

A Cloud in Trousers shows the poet Mayakovsky trying to a make a revolution within a revolution

Taking its title from one of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s greatest poems, in which the future poet of the Russian Revolution revealed that he could be as tender hearted as "a cloud in trousers", this play sets out to bring us the story of the man himself.


Camouflage is Relative Pete Miser

A cultural encounter between East and West

A huge black screen, dated 1674 and made by skilled Chinese craftsmen, depicts the activities of an enclosed Chinese court. It is a lively scene, rich in decoration and colour, and shows a multitude of characters going about their daily tasks. In the extreme left of the screen are a small group of European merchants.

Ray Charles: remembering the man who had music in his blood


In brief

Caesar’s Greatest Battle

‘It all started with a bad experience in Romania’

The whole thing began for me in November 2002 after a rather bruising experience in Bucharest, Romania.

On holiday with George, Laura, Tony, Cherie and Donald

Guantanamo Baywatch Justin Butcher

Reviews Round-up

New Year’s Revolutions Tommy Evans

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