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Another country music is possible

Country music icon Willie Nelson has just written a protest song against the war in Iraq. He hopes it will stir the passions in those who hear it.

Shameless | Girl with a Pearl Earring

No shame in this artistic licence THE CHAOS runs thick and fast through the opening scenes of this outrageously funny new drama from Paul Abbott (creator of State of Play and Alibi).

Hit squad

ALL THOSE who oppose the US war on Iraq should try to get to a performance of the play Pugilist Specialist. Performed by US theatre ensemble Riot Group, the play has just begun an extensive tour of Britain and Ireland.

Irresistible Revolutionaries

Do you think there has been a radicalisation in music in the US?

Lies exposed and a blast against the liars


Screening a time of revolt

THE GREAT rebellions of 1968 inspired many innovative and exciting films. The National Film Theatre in London is showing a season of films inspired by 1968. But don't worry if you can't make it-some of the best are available on video or DVD, and some are shown regularly on TV.

Frankenstein: birth of a monster

Frankenstein's monster is one of the most enduring ghouls of horror books and films.

The Permanent Way: a play on the right track about rail privatisation

"All over the world this year, we are seeing the same phenomenon of electorates waiting, bewildered or furious for their own leaders to catch up with them, and trying to understand the mystery of their refusal."

From 'bring it on' to 'bring us home'

A Soldier's Sad Story Various Artists

Dude, where’s my futuristic revolution?



Five to catch this week

'Movement today so much bigger'

ARTISTS AGAINST the War has attracted wide numbers of talented artists, writers and performers.

Loud message from 1930s

EARLY NOVEMBER with the Remembrance industry in full swing is an awkward time for us.

Justifying War

THIS IS a dramatisation of the Hutton inquiry by the anti-war director Nicholas Kent.

From LA in the 1950s to Crimean War

Fear Itself - Walter Mosley THIS IS the US author's follow-up to his much acclaimed novel Fearless Jones.

I Married a Marxist

I MARRIED a Marxist is a great radio play, set during the height of the anti-Communist witch-hunts in 1950s America. The drama unfolds against the real story of the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Some things should be remembered

12 Memories - Travis I NEVER cared for the group Travis much-they always promised so much but left you disappointed with their obvious courting of a commercial market. But with 12 Memories Travis have finally come alive. "Quicksand" is the opening salvo of the album, laid down like a manifesto of their intent. On the track the rhythm is matched by the beautiful songwriting that they were always capable of.

A movement springs to life

MY BOOK The Fountain at the centre of the World is based in Britain, Mexico and the US. It ends with the anti World Trade Organisation riots in Seattle in 1999. I was there during the protests. It was the first time I was part of proper history.

Ricky Tomlinson's autobiography: 'New Labour my arse!'

Most of today's Socialist Worker readers will probably know Ricky Tomlinson best as Jim "My arse" Royle in the hugely popular Royle Family TV comedy, or his past role in Brookside.

Mystic River: their past is a river of no return

Three young boys play ball in the street of an Irish working class neighbourhood in Boston. What follows will haunt them into their very different adult lives. Dave, in a great performance by Tim Robbins, has been left a broken man who won't let his own son out of his sight. Sean, played by Kevin Bacon, is a detective who is pulled back into the old neighbourhood to investigate a murder.

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