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Masterpiece drama It’s a Sin tells the hidden stories of the Aids crisis

It’s a Sin is both a joyful celebration of self expression—and an angry tribute to those whose lives were betrayed by homophobia

A show that makes racism look absurd

Bamous—a new BBC comedy show—is a cleverly constructed satire of attitudes towards black people within the BBC and wider society.

A history of hip hop—and a look back at Kanye West

This new BBC4 documentary by producer Questlove looks at six seminal tracks. The first is a reminder of some of Kanye West’s best work, writes Sarah Bates

Four icons of black liberation argue racism and resistance in One Night in Miami

One Night in Miami imagines a real life meeting between heroes of the Civil Rights Movement—and brings intense debates to life

Spare Ribs adds new layers to Sleaford Mods’ sound

This is a brilliant album from the East Midlands two-piece Sleaford Mods

The true story of how the FBI smeared Martin Luther King

Using newly revealed documents, MLK/FBI delves into how the US ruling class sought to undermine the Civil Rights movement

Baghlan Boy—a warts and all tale of survival and people trafficking

Michael Crowley tells a story of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants fleeing war, poverty, domestic violence and other horrors crossing continents to try to find a better life

Excel Esports documentary reveals pressure and stress of pro gaming industry

Here’s an unsettling glimpse inside a new but highly lucrative entertainment industry

Little known stories of the women who led struggles

New book Rebellious Daughters of History brings to light inspiring lives of women that fought for change

Mank—an impressive caricature of Hollywood’s geniuses

Mank is about the destructiveness of trying to survive while avoiding doing the wrong thing

How Marxism helps us to understand—and enjoy—art

Art is about social relationships, says writer John Molyneux—and what art is changes as society develops

Lights festival illuminates east London

Colourful Nights is the latest annual festival illuminating large parts of Canary Wharf in east London.

Don McCullin photos show reality of war and poverty

It is not often that when critiquing war we can look straight into the eyes of those most affected. 

The Racer shows the truth behind cycling glamour

This new film is set over 20 years ago, but the pressures on athletes remain the same today. Nick Clark recommends this visceral look into the elite sport

Flint is harrowing to watch—but there is also hope

In 2014, Michigan’s state government decided to cut costs by redirecting Flint’s water source from Lake Huron to the river Flint

County Lines—a bleak vision of hopeless, demonised teenage victims

County Lines doesn’t flinch from showing the squalor behind the headlines. But it feels as if it’s avoiding the most important question

Small Axe—Red, White and Blue shows truth of racist police

The third film in Steve McQueen’s series takes on the institutional racism that exists in the police

Don’t miss this book about women’s liberation battles

Misbehaving recounts the 1970 Miss World protest in the words of those who made it happen

Ghosts is a good read that can’t quite ditch the cliches

Ghosts is an enjoyable look at the ties that can bind us, and how easily—and traumatically—these can be severed

Mangrove—a powerful, and long overdue, tale of a struggle for justice

The first film in Steve McQueen’s Small Axe series tells the true story of the Mangrove Nine

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