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Giri - Haji—new crime thriller doesn’t quite live up to ambition

Ambitious is a good way to describe Giri/Haji (Duty/Shame).

Raising Dion—a super-powered mixture of adventure and family drama

Raising Dion mixes superhero staples with life’s everyday problems—and the result is a show that’s pathbreaking for both genres, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The Politician—A satire that struggles to find its feet

The Politician straddles high school drama and political satire—and does neither successfully until the end.

Dublin Murders—more than just another detective show?

There are some hard bitten cliches in this hard bitten BBC cop drama, writes Simon Basketter, but the character-driven storyline has depth and potential

We should welcome Joker as a look at the roots of evil

Ahead of Todd Phillips’ highly anticipated Joker, Sasha Simic looks at how controversy surrounding the film may not be giving it the chance it deserves

Ad Astra—a good space film that’s just too male-centric

Visually striking and ­emotionally raw space adventure Ad Astra takes Brad Pitt on a journey into danger, dad issues and probably the Oscars.

Tim Walker exhibition shows beauty is more than escapism


Amadjar is an epic and exciting journey with Tinariwen

Recorded on the road in a campervan-turned-studio, Amadjar is the ninth album by internationally acclaimed Tuareg nine-piece Tinariwen

World on Fire—a war drama about people, not patriotism

Rarely do we see a war story that focuses on ordinary people rather than the event as a whole

The Testaments—a rich and complex sequel to The Handmaid's Tale

This follow-up novel has been a long time coming. It’s grim, but also exciting and never straightforward

Pride and Prejudice* (*Sort Of)

This is an adaptation like no othe

Kano grapples with life for working class black people

The veteran grime artist’s new album Hoodies All Summer is the latest offering of an increasingly politically-motivated scene, writes?Paddy Nielsen

Carnival Row—A fantasy drama with good politics, but little subtlety

Carnival Row is a neighbourhood in the fictional, fantastical, steam-punk city of the Burgue. It’s a home to people fleeing the war between the rulers of the Burgue and the Pact—two industrial powers fighting over the riches of a place called fae land.

The Daisy Age—when hip hop turned hippy

This briefest of hip hop moments still casts a multi-coloured shadow.

Honeyland—a story of people, nature and destruction

Hatidze Muratova is one of the last wild beekeepers in Europe

An insight into the struggles inside an American Factory

A new Netflix documentary tells the stories of workers in a US rust belt car factory

A 'post-truth' thriller that makes for uneasy viewing

The vision of society here is one full of technology that monitors and records almost everything we do

Crime drama tale of good cops, or something darker?

New TV drama, A Confession, seemingly casts the police in a good light, but grows more sinister and promises troubling questions, says Sadie Robinson

The Big Meeting—Celebrating our history and strength

The capture is a thriller made for the “post truth” era.

Deep Water - a scenic setting for drama about families in turmoil

Deep Water is ITV’s new set piece thriller about three complex women characters, set in the scenic landscape of the Lake District

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