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Letters: we teaching assistants will fight on after a divisive deal

There’s a lot of hurt among Durham teaching assistants (TAs) after the latest pay deal was accepted.

LETTERS - Harvey Weinstein exposes society riddled with sexism

I’ve been sickened, but not surprised, by the recent exposure of film producer Harvey Weinstein’s horrific treatment of women in the film industry.

LETTERS: Boris Johnson’s Libya insult exposes warmonger Tories

Boris Johnson’s latest comments on Libya have rightly provoked anger.

LETTERS: The fight is on to repeal Ireland’s anti-abortion Eighth Amendment

Irish women are still denied autonomy over their bodies and the right to choose.

LETTERS - We need more solidarity in sport to drive out racism

The news that a large section of the England Women’s football team have rallied around manager Mark Sampson after allegations of racism is no surprise.

LETTERS: Labour and the unions should not give in to scapegoating of migrants

Freedom of movement gives migrants and workers from Britain the right to travel and work across the European Union (EU).

LETTERS: National Action arrests are not enough to beat fascists

The far right poses a serious threat, from the KKK and Nazis in Charlottesville to the racists at the core of the Football Lads Alliance (FLA).

LETTERS: A vulnerable child’s future was used to foster racism

The issue of a “white, Christian child” who was fostered by a Muslim carer has been used to increase Islamophobia and racism.

LETTERS: The UN tore the Tories to shreds on disabled people’s rights

In Geneva, Switzerland, last week, the United Nations (UN) disability committee told Britain’s government that its cuts have led to “human catastrophe”.

LETTERS: Take up the fight against the Tories’ vindictive benefits regime

The Tories’ attack on unemployed and low paid workers is stepping up a gear with the further rolling out of Universal Credit in October.

LETTERS: Bosses need to pay care workers our due

Care workers should be paid the minimum wage for sleep-in shifts (Socialist Worker, 2 August) but we’re still waiting for our back pay.

LETTERS: Five years after massacre, South African workers have unfinished business

Five years ago on 16 August South African police shot dead 34 striking miners at the Lonmin Corporation’s Marikana mine.

LETTERS: To defend jobs and the planet, our unions must do better

Unite union assistant general secretary Tony Burke praised the car industry, especially the “close working relationship” between employers and union.

LETTERS: I know the reality of bogus self-employment

The Taylor review called bogus self-employment into the public eye. I have experienced this in the railway and construction industry.

LETTERS: Fans are organising to stop the racist Football Lads Alliance

Raymie Kiernan’s piece on the Football Lads Alliance (FLA) was timely (Socialist Worker, 5 July). As Raymie says, the FLA is trying to learn lessons from the English Defence League’s (EDL) implosion.

LETTERS: Refugees drown as the crisis gets swept under the carpet

The Mediterranean Sea continues to be a graveyard for refugees fleeing war, torture, famine and poverty.

LETTERS: ‘Back office’ cuts had dire consequences for Grenfell

Socialist Worker is absolutely right to highlight the scandal of fire station closures and the reduction of firefighter numbers in London.

'The Daily Mail won’t stop me protesting over Grenfell blaze'

I was attacked in the Daily Mail newspaper last week, along with others on the left, for protesting over the Grenfell Tower fire.

LETTERS: Shame on Radiohead for breaking the boycott of Israel

Radiohead singer Thom Yorke has refused to observe the cultural boycott of Israel and will play a gig in Tel Aviv in July.

LETTERS: Benefit officials want to fine me £7,000—for their mistake

I have recently been sanctioned by Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). They claim I have been overpaid over £7,000 in Employment Support Allowance (ESA) benefit.

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