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LETTERS: Blacklisting bosses are only sorry that they were caught

Simon Basketter’s article (Socialist Worker, 18 May) sums up how the forces of the state colluded with giant construction firms to attack the rights of workers.

LETTERS: ‘One day longer, one day stronger’ at Verizon strike

Nearly 40,000 of us at Verizon telecoms in the US have been on strike for six weeks. This is a big battle for all US workers.

Letters - Apologies aren’t enough for institutional Islamophobia

Police organised a rehearsal of a terrorist attack at the Trafford Centre near Manchester on Tuesday. A man dressed in black played the part of a suicide bomber. He shouted “Allah Akbar!” three times before a simulated explosion.

LETTERS: We need to put the politics back into the Pride march

Since 2004 the London Pride LGBT+ march has increasingly become a parade for its corporate sponsors. It is far removed from its historical roots as a militant demonstration celebrating the Stonewall Riots of 1969.

LETTERS: Hillsborough families show why we should never give up

I feel really sad for the families of the 96 killed at Hillsborough, having to go through 27 years of smears and lies. But they continued to fight and the top cop finally admitted he lied.

LETTERS: Would leaving the EU boost the right or damage the Tories?

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech in favour of staying in the European Union (EU) gave the Remain campaign badly needed credibility.

LETTERS: Getting paid less is an insult too far for us young people

I still remember the look of self-satisfaction on George Osborne’s face when he announced his new “national living wage” to a raucous House of Commons.

LETTERS: When our factory closed we occupied - and so can steel workers


LETTERS: Steel jobs should be part of the climate change solution

The threat to 40,000 jobs in the steel industry and associated work in Britain is an absolute disgrace.


Socialist Worker readers write in on Iain Duncan Smith's resignation, Tory plans for academisation, international war crimes, the German elections, and more

Letters: New Zealand zero hours victory shows we can win

News that the number of zero hours contracts has risen in the last year by over 100,000 to 801,000 shows just what the Tories’ “recovery” really means.

LETTERS: Trade unions must fight back now or perish under Tory attack

The Tories’ trade union bill was debated in the House of Lords again on Wednesday. This is an attack on the last bastion of resistance to the Tories’ destruction of public services.


Tory-run Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea councils are lobbying the government for more powers to move homeless people out of London.

Letters: It’s right to reject the bosses’ EU

I’m delighted that Socialist Worker has come out boldly in favour of a “Leave” vote in the forthcoming referendum on European Union (EU) membership.


Last week was half term for many teachers in England. Over 50 of us joined other trade unionists in a delegation of Trade Unionists for Calais to the refugee camp.


Fans score victory over football bosses' ticket price hikes


Readers write in on the Islamophobia and racism, debate Syriza's record in office, Labour and Momentum, plus more.


I live in West Northumberland and helped found Tynedale Flood Appeal to help flood victims.


Esol teachers slam Cameron's cuts hypocrisy and a warning from a former prisoner


On the London Recruits, racism against refugees, and who really backed the junior doctors' strike

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