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Letters—British Gas is driving down our wages to boost profits

I’m writing on behalf of my colleagues from British Gas. British Gas sells energy and mechanical services.

LETTERS - Keep up fight to stop arms trade’s festival of violence

The week of protests against the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair has been well organised.

LETTERS—Tackling crime means major change in economic system

Sadie Robinson (Socialist Worker, 21 August) accurately describes the way the Tory government is creating a climate of fear in order to bring in authoritarian policies.

Letters—I witnessed bravery against cops’ violence in Hong Kong

I was lucky to witness the incredible protest in Hong Kong airport earlier this month.

LETTERS - health workers need to back indefinite strike in Bradford

It is good to see that health workers in Bradford have voted for an all-out strike against privatisation from Monday 26 August. (Socialist Worker, 14 August).

LETTERS - Change the whole system for the planet, not what’s on your plate

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report on humans, land use and a changing climate last week.

LETTERS—We should campaign until Chelsea Manning is set free

Readers should support Chelsea Manning in her refusal to testify to the US Grand Jury.

LETTERS - Robbed by pension change, but women are fighting back

Many women are taking part in the “We paid in you pay out” campaign on Facebook and protests around the country.

LETTERS—We stand with Steve Bell against illiberal censorship

In the latest outburst of illiberal censorship on that liberal flagship, The Guardian newspaper has pulled two cartoons by the brilliant and long-serving left wing cartoonist Steve Bell.

Letters—Support for Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson from Palestine

As Palestinians we see Jeremy Corbyn as our defender because we need someone brave, a prime minister that can say no to the US and to Israel.

Letters—Special education cuts are symptom of system in crisis

The closure of Crossley Manor School (Socialist Worker, 3 July) is a symptom of a systemic crisis in provision for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (Send).

LETTERS - I’m proud to be attacked by Daily Mail for defending NHS

The Daily Mail was outraged to see a motion passed at the recent British Medical Association conference that defended healthcare for all.

LETTERS—Migrants are being left to die in the sea while the EU watches

Italy passed a law last week that allows it to fine any person who rescues refugees at sea up to £44,000.

LETTERS - homophobic attacks show the need for militant resistance

After reading your timely article on increases in LGBT+ attacks, I googled Pride in London (PiL) to find out how I might raise my voice against these atrocities.

LETTERS - ‘Hostile environment’ must end at our local hospital

Our Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) group in Wandsworth, south London, protested over the “hostile environment” at a meeting of St George’s Hospital Trust board last week.

LETTERS - State wants to take revenge against Extinction Rebellion

The police are pushing to charge over 1,100 people who were arrested on the Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) International Rebellion in London in April.

Letters - Beating Tommy Robinson shows we make a difference

I feel completely relieved and excited that Tommy Robinson failed in his bid to become an MEP in the Euro elections for the North West.

Letters: Tories lie about Universal Credit—and you’re paying

Universal Credit (UC) officials have orchestrated an elaborate PR campaign to counter the exposure of their sorry excuse for a welfare system.

LETTERS - Carl Benjamin is the ugly new face of alt-right Ukip

Ukip has come out of its dusty corner for the European Parliament elections, with new ideas and representatives that even its former leader Nigel Farage condemns.

LETTERS—On the streets against Trump to show there’s an alternative

Why has Donald Trump achieved popularity in the US and beyond? Above all, why does he appeal to working people?

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