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War as a video game

The mainstream media have covered the devastating US assault on Fallujah as if it were a video game, using cartoonish graphics to depict attacks which have cost hundreds of lives.


Children should be heard and not hit So let's get this right. After last week’s parliamentary vote you can smack your child – but only a mild smack – and take care to leave no signs of visible bruising, or you will be in trouble!

Already watching us

IDENTITY CARDS were abolished in this country because the then Tory government, led by Winston Churchill, described them as "draconian" and an "extreme measure".

Did he really say ‘It’ll be over by Xmas’?

Tony Blair promised the Black Watch troops serving in Iraq last week that, even if they are sent north, they will still be "home by Christmas".

They said I would fail

THANKS TO your paper my eyes have been well and truly opened. I didn’t realise there was so much that they don’t tell the general population.

The union leaders who vote for murder

AT THE recent Labour conference the big four unions—including my own, the TGWU—voted to endorse the war in Iraq.

I was the heckler at the conference

Just under a month ago, at the launch of our Save Our World charity concert in North Devon, myself and mutual friends put our heads together.

Ken Livingstone is on the wrong track

THE RACIST harassment of asylum seekers on the London Underground described by K Babasola (Socialist Worker, 18 September) is not the only form of harassment now happening on London’s transport.

Stoking the mood against the BNP

I WAS very disturbed to hear last week that the BNP had won a council seat in Barking and Dagenham.

Civil liberties abuse

FOR OVER a year we have had the constant presence of British immigration officers working alongside the police and London Underground’s revenue control inspectors on London Underground.

The suffering the press ignores

The suffering that the press ignores THE RIGHT wing media has scrambled yet again to demonise the Palestinian people as terrorists, but we should stop and evaluate the truth of the situation, whether it has been reported or not.


A day to celebrate SLAVERY IN the British Empire ended in 1833 when, on the first day of August, the government signed a document abolishing the practice across the West Indies.

Fighting for the rich

I AM from what can be called an army family. Three generations of my family fought for this country. Two grandfathers took part in the carnage called the First World War.


Stop this tragic and needless loss of life Adam Rickwood, 14, was found hanged in a privately-run secure training centre in County Durham – a shocking tragedy that should never have been allowed to happen.


These new laws are aimed at all of us Whatever you think about animal rights, we should all be very worried about the new laws proposed to deal with "animal rights extremists".

Respect’s votes have made history

THE VOTES received by Respect in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections (Socialist Worker, 24 July) really put Respect on the map.

Victory! I was right to stick up the posters

I’M DELIGHTED to report that Camden council has withdrawn the summons against me for "placing posters on a bus shelter by means of sticky brown tape" (Socialist Worker, 24 July).

After serving in the Falklands I hate war

WHEN I left school there were only two options facing me in the village I lived in near the Faslane naval base in Rosyth—the dole or working in forestry.

Stick bosses where the sun don’t shine

THANKS FOR your article about overwork and low pay (Socialist Worker, 3 July).

Negroponte’s vision of death squad rule

JOHN NEGROPONTE’S takeover in Iraq indicates a new stage in the American war and occupation—death squad democracy.

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