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LETTERS - Tony Cliff showed me that another world is possible

I would like to respond to the tribute to the late Tony Cliff by Alex Callinicos (Socialist Worker, 24 May).

A reply to my defeatist, divisive Labour MP: Stop stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back

An angry constituent responds to a leaflet from Enfield MP Joan Ryan

LETTERS: ‘Get rid of the dross’—What the Tories think of young working class women

More than three years ago the government approved a group of leading employers to develop standards for entry onto apprenticeships in the early years sector. I was on the group.

LETTERS: Why are people homeless on Manchester’s streets?

In a poll in Manchester last week tackling homelessness was viewed by half the respondents as an important factor in deciding their vote.

LETTERS - I backed the EIS workers' strike because college has changed my life

I am a student and I supported the recent college lecturers’ strikes in Scotland (see page 20). I started a Facebook group for students to show solidarity—and it really took off.

Letters: It’s a fraud to say Tories did nothing wrong on expenses

I suspect few readers of this newspaper will have been surprised at the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) last week.

LETTERS - We ruined May’s day in Bristol - chase the Tories wherever they go

We found out that Theresa May was going to be in Bristol and organised to go down and protest outside. A few of us students from the university went.

LETTERS - Jeremy Corbyn, socialists and the general election

I would be really happy to see ­someone like Jeremy Corbyn at the top of the left party in Germany.

LETTERS - NHS workers must boycott health charges and checks

Health workers need to say no to being border guards and no to charges for the NHS (Socialist Worker, 19 April).

LETTERS: Don’t frack with Glasgow as the SNP funds the gas conmen

the Scottish National Party (SNP) government was forced into a moratorium on fracking following pressure from below, yet licences are already in place for fracking in working class housing estates in Glasgow.

LETTERS: NHS boss is snatching food from the poor and sick

The decision to remove gluten free products from prescription will once again hit thousands of poor people in the wallet and their health.

LETTERS - unions should not work with fracking firms and the cops

It was shocking to see the GMB union calling for police and judges to take a “firmer line” against people protesting against fracking.

LETTERS: There’s plenty of room for refugees—just ask the toffs

We need to thank the Financial Times newspaper for helping to explode the myth that “Britain is full”. Last week it ran a fawning profile of Britain’s largest landowner, the Duke of Buccleuch.

LETTERS: Stuff the bigoted Daily Mail and decriminalise abortion

The Daily Mail newspaper complains that Marie Stopes’ doctors are effectively providing abortion on demand by certifying women for the procedure without actually seeing them.

Letters: Organising can beat attempts to shut down Palestinian events on campus

As part of Israeli Apartheid Week I was asked to speak at events at universities in Liverpool and Preston.

LETTERS: Students’ solidarity flushed transphobia down the toilet

A friend of mine, a 16 year old transgender woman at college in London, recently had major problems with transphobic bathroom rules.

Letters: Racist, lying Nuttall should go back to Tranmere Rovers

Where do we start with Ukip leader Paul Nuttall?

Racist, lying bandwagon-jumper Nuttall should have stayed at Tranmere Rovers

Unlike Paul Nuttall, Roy Bentham was at the Hillsborough disaster that cost 96 Liverpool fans their lives. He responds to the Ukip leader's lies

Letters: Building Stand Up To Racism has created a buzz at school

We’ve had a great experience in building Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) in the school where I teach.

Letters—Fight to defend the NHS, the crisis is the fault of bosses

Racist LBC radio host Nick Ferrari wants a US-style health service to force overseas patients to pay insurance or produce a credit card when visiting A&E or local GP surgeries.

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