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These new laws are aimed at all of us Whatever you think about animal rights, we should all be very worried about the new laws proposed to deal with "animal rights extremists".

Respect’s votes have made history

THE VOTES received by Respect in the Leicester South and Birmingham Hodge Hill by-elections (Socialist Worker, 24 July) really put Respect on the map.

Victory! I was right to stick up the posters

I’M DELIGHTED to report that Camden council has withdrawn the summons against me for "placing posters on a bus shelter by means of sticky brown tape" (Socialist Worker, 24 July).

After serving in the Falklands I hate war

WHEN I left school there were only two options facing me in the village I lived in near the Faslane naval base in Rosyth—the dole or working in forestry.

Stick bosses where the sun don’t shine

THANKS FOR your article about overwork and low pay (Socialist Worker, 3 July).

Negroponte’s vision of death squad rule

JOHN NEGROPONTE’S takeover in Iraq indicates a new stage in the American war and occupation—death squad democracy.

Blunkett didn’t sack any cops when my brother died

DAVID BLUNKETT wants to make the chief constable of the Humberside police resign. This is because of a report into how Ian Huntley was able to get a job at a school in Soham.

New party's historic result

THE PEOPLE of east London made sure the London Assembly and European Parliament elections will go down in history. In a result that will have shocked establishment politicians right up to Tony Blair, Respect swept across the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham.


Support kept our strike going strong GLASGOW'S NURSERY nurses returned to their workplaces on Monday of last week, heads held high and retaining the dignity they have shown throughout their 14 weeks of strike action. Many were in tears, some were relieved, but the overwhelming emotion was one of anger at having been bullied and starved back to work by a Thatcherite Glasgow city council threatening to sack us with anti-union laws!

Young white kids want to fight against BNP

THE UNITE Against Fascism Manchester carnival came to Liverpool on Sunday 30 May. Despite Manchester police's best efforts to stop the event, and with only three days to build it, nearly 3,000 people turned up.

Manchester police: so much to answer for

MANCHESTER HAS suffered at the hands of those who would deprive our thriving multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-faith city of an anti-racism festival on institutionally racist and inexcusable grounds. I do not want to live in a city which cannot celebrate its diversity openly and honestly.

Showing no warmth towards main parties

THE ANNUAL Pensioners' Parliament took place in Blackpool last week. At the opening rally about 2,500 people heard speeches from representatives of the Labour, Tory, Liberal Democrat and Green parties. It was noticeable that the speeches were received with virtual silence or even derision.

The scandal behind Glasgow's factory fire

A MASSIVE blast last week destroyed a four-storey factory in seconds. Nine workers at Stockline Plastics in Maryhill are dead and 40 others have been maimed or badly injured. The carnage happened in a densely populated part of Glasgow. It has stunned the city.

Newham strikers won't pay to be smashed

BLAIR'S FAVOURITE New Labour council is trying to break our union. We are absolutely clear that Newham council in east London intends to lead the way in smashing the town hall union to force through Blair's plans to \"restructure\" public services-cutting our pay and jobs and selling off the people's assets to the fat cats. We are going to step up our action and we are determined we are going to win. But in discussing strategy with Unison union regional officials, the question of our political relationship to the government dominates the debate.


Bush has no right to control our bodies OVER ONE million people came out for a historic march on 25 April in Washington DC to demonstrate for abortion rights. The National Mall, which has been the site of large mobilisations for decades, was teeming with women from all backgrounds, taking nearly two hours to pass a single point on the 2.5-mile march.

RMT members give welcome to Respect

MORE THAN 40 delegates and guests attending the annual RMT union station grades conference in Manchester last week were treated to a first hand introduction to the politics of Respect. A fringe meeting was held at a nearby hotel at the conclusion of the first day's business.

Why we should unite against these attacks

I AM a black man from a Christian background. But I feel the attacks on the Muslim community as if they were on me personally. Racists do not discriminate when they turn upon scapegoats. Today it is the asylum seeker and the Muslim. Tomorrow it is the Hindu and the Sikh, and the day after it is all black people.

Cruel cuts will harm special needs children

AS PARENTS and staff at Stephen Hawking special needs school we are disgusted by the attitude of Tower Hamlets council, run by the Labour Party, to the needs of our children. That is why we decided to take our campaign out onto the streets, because we know what is happening to our children will make others angry too.

Nursery nurses deserve Timex-style solidarity

THE SCOTTISH nursery nurse dispute has reminded activists like myself of the tremendous energy, endeavour, imagination, determination and inspiration of the Timex strike some 12 years ago. The Timex strikers were another group of mostly women workers who showed no regard for the accepted limitations of trade union struggle.


Now it's Waterloo sunset for Blair's New Labour IN AN important development last week, the Waterloo Branch of the RMT rail workers' union has agreed to support Respect candidates standing in the London Assembly and European elections. The decision reflects the deep disgust members have with a Labour Party that has turned its back on working people.

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