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Children will still face poverty this Christmas

THERE WERE three events last week which emphasised Labour's continuing failure to address the horror of child poverty in this country.


Abortion – why we defend women's right to choose THE COURT case brought by trainee vicar Joanna Jepson to have a doctor charged for performing an abortion after 24 weeks because of "severe foetal abnormality" has caused uproar in the media.


The Israeli state’s racist policies are not in our name The British press has been full of stories lately about the reported rise of anti-Semitism, hatred of Jews, throughout Europe. It has said that criticism of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians equals anti-Semitism.

Totalitarian vision of government child plan

THE CONSULTATION on one of the most cynical government Green Papers ever closes on 1 December. Yet there has been virtually no public debate about its contents. "Every Child Matters" is meant to be a response to the killing of Victoria Climbie, and the subsequent Laming Report.

Vote to boycott SATs tests

WE ARE primary school teachers in south London. Next week we will begin balloting to boycott the SATs tests.

‘The US is now in deeper trouble’

THE SERIAL liars in the US administration keep telling the world and an increasingly sceptical US public that "the security situation in Iraq is improving and everything is returning to normal".

Support Iranian asylum seekers

EUROPEAN countries are stepping up their war against asylum seekers with plans to establish a new list of safe countries.

Unions calling

I WORK for £5.20 an hour in a call centre. Recently the Unifi union has started to hold regular stalls at my workplace.

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Blair just doesn’t get it

Nestlé milks its profits from poor

AROUND ELEVEN million people are facing hunger in the African country of Ethiopia in 2003. But the huge multinational Nestlé has caused outrage by demanding $6 million from the Ethiopian government. It is claiming compensation for a company that was nationalised 27 years ago by the military government and later bought by NestlŽ. Nestlé is one of the world's largest food companies. It makes $6 million profit every hour.


Speaking out against racism of police force A couple of weeks ago I was with my friend at Forest Gate train station, east London, when we were stopped and searched.

Truth is out on the police

ONE OF the officers suspended following the documentary on racism in the police worked at Chadderton Station in Oldham.

Top-up fees: another revolt to worry Blair

LAST SUNDAY Blair faced a real challenge as over 30,000 students took to the streets to protest against university tuition fees. The demonstration was far larger than any recent student marches. The war in Iraq has left more than Blair's heart in a weak condition. He faces massive revolts in his own party and in the nation at large over a whole range of issues.


We are not going to let racism divide our workforce I AM so proud of what we did as Wolverhampton postal workers to strike back against racism. We have shown that we are not going to allow racism to become "normal" or to be used to divide the workforce.

Lives of four generations that shame Blair's Labour

THIS IS the story of four generations of working class people in Blair's Britain-great-grandparents, grandmother, parents and their children.


Brilliant march – and now for Bush visit I was one of eight socialist students and Scottish Socialist Party members from Dundee on Saturday 27 September’s brilliant demo. We were amazed at the scale and diversity of the march.

Pensioners fight back against an unfair tax

THE CRAWLEY Pensioners Action Group is up in arms about council tax. Each rise in council tax is an effective cut in income. That is not only for pensioners, but for all on low incomes. One of our members tried non-payment on his own last year. Many of us went to court to support him, but in the end he did a deal. This has not yet been resolved, as the deal has created a continual build-up of a backlog.

They think people like us are just numbers

DUE TO my husband being despicably treated at the hands of the TNT/Sony company he worked for, I am enclosing a copy of a letter I have sent to various appropriate people. I do not know if there is anything you can do, but I thought your readers should be aware of what tricks can be pulled on loyal employees.

Storming the death fair

RUNNING BATTLES with the police, teasing arms dealers, a mock arms seller offering prosthetic limbs for sale, and Globalise Resistance's pink and orange tank. The DSEi (Defence Systems Equipment international) or Docklands arms fair has been a memorable experience for activists and, presumably, also arms dealers.


'Anger translates into action' Arriving back in Manchester after the holidays, I was struck by the way the stop the war movement has developed. Anger at the Blair government's war lies is growing, and this has been translated into action.

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