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LETTERS—Right wing slurs won’t get rid of abuse from a sick society

Right wing slurs won’t get rid of abuse from a sick society

LETTERS—Labour Party members on the streets against racism

I went to Scarborough & Whitby Labour Party’s recent election campaign launch to ask parliamentary candidate Hugo Fearnley to help build the local movement against racism and fascism.

Letters - Trump demos showed we can win against the racists

Oxfordshire saw a fantastic outpouring of anger against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

LETTERS: Turkey’s ban on Pride shows Erdogan fears a united fight

On Sunday 2 July the Turkish state crushed Istanbul’s LGBT+ Pride celebrations for the third year in a row.

LETTERS - Wigan strikers inspire us to fight for the health service

Our Unison union branch at University College Hospital in London voted to donate £2,000 to the Wigan hospital workers who struck and won against privatisation (Socialist Worker,

LETTERS - Saddleworth Moor blaze shows danger of fire service cuts

I live in Mossley, near the Saddleworth Moor fire that raged for almost a week.

LETTERS - Where next in fight for justice after Grenfell anniversary?

A year on from 72 avoidable deaths in Grenfell it’s disgusting to see Theresa May and housing minister James Brokenshire appropriating the green heart badges, which have become a commemorative symbol of Grenfell.

LETTERS - Boycott shows there’s no Pride in Israeli apartheid

The streets of Tel Aviv were filled with rainbow flags alongside Israeli ones as thousands took to the streets for their 20th annual Pride march recently.

LETTERS - University security scandal shows the cash is there for education

The University of London spent £415,000 on security when students held a sit-in in support of striking outsourced cleaners (Socialist Worker, 26 April 2018).

LETTERS: Brutality of US border is one more reason to stop Trump

Stories about family separation and the detention of so-called unaccompanied minors in the US have really had a ton of attention over the last few days.

LETTERS: Ken Livingstone fought for the left and progressive politics

The enforced resignation of Ken Livingstone from the Labour Party will be deeply disturbing to many socialists and activists both in and beyond Labour

LETTERS - We have to act now to stop the Israeli state murder of Palestinians

As I watched events in Gaza unfold on the news, I was astounded by utterly obscene contrasting pictures.

LETTERS: Time to take all the political issues into our workplaces

At a recent workplace meeting organised by the Unison union in Camden, north London, about 150 came to hear Gary Younge speak. It was on “50 years since the assassination of Martin Luther King, why Black Lives Matter”.

LETTERS: We're stronger and more united after Newham academy battle

We have lost, but we have won much, and we are not defeated

LETTERS: Tory benefit system creates more desperate situations

Food bank usage has shot up in areas where Universal Credit has been rolled out in full

LETTERS - This Tory regime is racist to the very core of its politics

Theresa May deliberately created a racist “hostile environment” in order to discourage migrants and refugees coming to, or staying in, Britain.

LETTERS - Drill music panic is a ploy to distract from real issues

I’ve been frustrated to see headlines blame drill music for the recent rise in stabbings in London.

LETTERS - Day of hate against Muslims became a day of anti-racist solidarity

The events last week to show solidarity with Muslims were very important and can be the basis for future campaigning work.

LETTERS - ‘We will fight to stay part of the NHS’, says Wigan porter

Health bosses in Wigan want to outsource 900 of us porters, cleaners and security staff to WWL Solutions Ltd.

Letters - How fans in Scotland threw football act into the dustbin


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