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Vintage rot from prince

Posh, parasitic, “eco- warrior” prince Charles has graciously revealed some of his tips for a greener life.

Blame the bust system

Nobody wants to take the blame for fuel shortages, empty shelves and rising prices.

Don’t line up with those who will crush protest

Led by home secretary Priti Patel, the Tories want to prevent any effective form of protest that stands in the way of their racist, profit-driven leadership.

Workers’ struggle, not parliament is the key

The Tories’ brutal attacks on working class people are accelerating.

Schools left to the virus

“Virtually any child, unvaccinated, is likely to get an infection at some point between 12 and 15,” said Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty last week.

Prioritise people’s energy needs and dump fossil fuels

Freezing homes, soaring bills and empty shelves are all the Tories and their deadly system can provide for working class people this winter.

Don’t let union laws win

The latest round of anti-union laws, passed in 2016, is being used to stop a strike in the NHS across England and Wales.

Smash the vile Tories’ reign and their grubby system

The Tories’ class war has escalated further, and it isn’t set to slow down. This week Tory Work and Pension Secretary Therese Coffey unveiled her solution to the scrapping of the Universal Credit £20 uplift.

‘Tax the rich’ is just the start of what’s needed

The Tories this week made workers pay more from their wages so the super-wealthy could protect their inheritances. No wonder that the alternative of taxing the rich is hugely popular.

No to the coronavirus act

Boris Johnson has recklessly abandoned all the Covid-19 regulations such as mask wearing and social distancing. He has herded children and workers into unsafe schools.

Rebel against police powers

After a week of the “Impossible Rebellion” organised by Extinction Rebellion (XR), the police stepped up their repression to crush the climate protests.

Same lies to justify killings in Afghanistan two decades on

All the lies used to justify the terror the West inflicted on Afghanistan 20 years ago played out over its airstrike on children last week.

Ignoring Covid won’t work

Covid-19 related deaths in Britain stand at a shocking average of 100 each day according to official data. That’s a rise of 54 percent in a week.

Don’t be fooled—there is money for refugees

The right is spinning arguments against refugees coming to Britain. They claim there’s “no room” or “not enough money” to take them all in.

Massacres were the true face of Afghan war

US president Joe Biden broke open a decades‑long lie on Monday. Seeking to justify his policies, he said the brutal war on Afghanistan was never about “nation-building”.

Labour’s war guilt

Not two weeks ago, Labour’s leader Keir Starmer said his party should be “very proud” of its right wing governments’ “achievements” under Tony Blair.

Profit, not people, is destroying the climate

Climate chaos flows from the capitalist system that subordinates humanity and the rest of nature to the demands of profit-making

China used as cover-up for climate crimes

For the West, blaming the climate crisis on China will provide a scapegoat for the havoc they’ve wreaked

Easing travel rules puts profit before health

Following immense pressure from travel industry tycoons, Britain’s international travel restrictions will be eased.

Flood and heatwaves—a vision of catastrophe

Scorching temperatures one week and flash flooding the next show that the climate crisis is well and truly here

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