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Mike Cohen

THE SUDDEN death of Mike Cohen last week at the age of 67 is a sad loss to the labour movement. Mike was a familiar figure whenever ordinary people were fighting back. Rare was the strike or demonstration in London where he was not there, taking photographs for socialist publications, mainly the Morning Star and also for others including Socialist Worker.

Duncan Hallas 1925 - 2002

DUNCAN HALLAS, who died last week, was a lifelong fighter for revolutionary socialism. A whole generation of supporters of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) remembers him as an inspired speaker and teacher of Marxist ideas. Year after year he would fill halls with hundreds of people at the SWP's annual Marxism event as he spoke about a range of topics - historical materialism, the struggle of the working class in Britain, the revolutionary tradition, the origins of humanity.

Leslie Osborne

COMRADES WHO knew Les will be sad to learn that he died on 30 July. Above all, Les believed in being an activist. He had been a car worker at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham in the 1970s and early 1980s, and after he retired he became one of the mainstays of his local Socialist Workers Party branch in the city.

Stephen Jay Gould 1941-2002

Stephen Jay Gould, the scientist who died last week, will be remembered for many things. He was one of the greatest ever popularisers of science, especially in his chosen field of natural history and evolution. Gould was also a lifelong fighter against racism and reactionary ideas of all kinds.

Bob Pether

COMRADES AND friends will be deeply saddened to hear that Bob Pether has died at the age of 55, from cancer. Bob was an active trade unionist, first in the Inland Revenue Staff Federation and later in Cohse. He was part of the group in the 1970s that produced Revenue Rank and File, a tabloid that terrified top union bureaucrats.

Debbie Fogg

Debbie was a central member of Wolverhampton Socialist Workers Party for many years. She was also an active trade unionist and campaigner for women's rights. Until recently she was deputy branch secretary of the Wolverhampton Unison union.

Tony Kingston

SOCIALIST Workers Party members in Hackney, east London, are saddened by the death of Tony Kingston. Tony grew up around the Hoxton area, although he was originally from West Hampstead. Tony, like many young working class lads, turned to boxing as a sport, and was not bad at it.

Walt Cunningham

Socialists and trade unionists in Hull are saddened to hear of the death of Walt Cunningham, former chairman of the Hull Port Shop Stewards Committee and more recently a city councillor. Many readers will have heard of the Pentonville Five. These were London dockers whose jailing in 1972 sparked a near general strike.

Benny Rothman

Benny Rothman should be mourned by every hill walker and climber in the country. In 1932 he led a mass trespass of ramblers onto the beautiful land of Kinder Scout.

Martin Glaberman

I'M SADDENED to announce the passing of a veteran of American radicalism. Martin Glaberman, Professor Emeritus of Social Science at Wayne State University in Detroit, was an auto worker, shop steward and union committee man for 20 years.

Kate Rankin

Merseyside Socialist Workers Party members are deeply saddened at the recent death of Kate Rankin, a longstanding member of the party. Kate played a key role as branch secretary for the SWP in Liverpool, holding together and building that branch during the difficult years of the 1980s. Her commitment to revolutionary socialism always shone out.

Charlie Van Gelderen 1913–2001

It is with great sadness that I heard of the death of Charlie Van Gelderen. Charlie represented a historical link from his attendance at the founding conference of the Fourth International in Paris in 1938 up to general election campaigning for the Cambridge Socialist Alliance.

Allan Swan

COMRADES IN Sheffield are mourning the loss of Allan Swan. He was a respected teacher, thinker and fighter for socialist ideas who died aged 53 on 13 September.

Rob Dawber

Trade unionists and socialists in Sheffield will be sad to learn of the death of Rob Dawber. Rob was an active socialist and trade unionist since the mid-1970s. Rob was local RMT branch secretary at the time of rail privatisation. He and thousands of track workers were made redundant. Rob turned his hand to film writing and wrote a prophetic script about the effects of privatisation on rail safety.

Ross Pritchard - dedicated socialist

Socialist Worker and all its readers owe a tremendous debt to Ross Pritchard, who died of cancer last week at the age of 62. Ross joined the socialist movement in Glasgow at almost exactly the same time as I did. Ross had just come out of the armed forces (he was one of the last to be caught in the conscription net, as I was), and was trying to find a decent job in Glasgow. He came to the socialist movement as though he had been waiting for it all his life.

Arthur "Ginger" Pearce

SOUTHAMPTON SOCIALISTS are saddened by the death of Ginger Pearce, for some years a member of the SWP. Ginger became a leading militant in the 1950s, working as an electrical contractor and later EETPU senior steward at Vosper Thorneycroft.

Love in a cold climate

THE NEW film Onegin is set in the world of the Russian aristocracy in the 19th century. It is based on a novel by Alexander Pushkin-himself a member of the Russian aristocracy-written in the 1830s. Russia was then a backward, rural society where individuals' lives were controlled by patronage and "fate". But it was also a world in transition.

Frank Yardley

FRANK YARDLEY, a longstanding socialist and trade union activist, died aged 80 on 4 November after a long illness. He was a member of the MSF union and a delegate to Middlesbrough Trades Council. Frank remained a committed Christian, but became a Marxist, joining the Independent Labour Party in the 1930s. He joined the International Socialists, the forerunner of the Socialist Workers party, in 1972. He remained a member of the party until it became impossible for him to do any further activity.

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