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Ghislaine Maxwell arrested but abuser prince still refuses to talk

 Ghislaine Maxwell is charged with procuring underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein to have sex with, and engaging in sexual activity with them herself.

Virus outbreak after workers’ walkout warning was ignored

A major outbreak of coronavirus has been confirmed at a food processing plant where workers had walked out unofficially over safety fears.

Cummings’ trips to Durham are nothing to be sneezed at

The Prime Minister defended Dominic Cummings after his top aid showed him the pictures of whatever it is that he has on Boris Johnson.

Patel’s pretend praise for NHS migrant workers is so pitiful

Just a few short weeks ago home secretary Priti Patel was showering praise on migrants working in health and social care. Their “extraordinary ­contribution” would be recognised she said while ­hinting that the huge fees they must pay to use the NHS would be “reviewed”.

More die at home from other illnesses due to virus crisis

More than 8,000 more people have died at home since the start of the coronavirus crisis than would have done in normal times.

Tory government has lied over free school meals for poor children

Many parents across England have been unable to access vouchers or meals to support children while schools are closed due to the crisis.

Rich learn how to clean their own homes as virus crisis hits

While some headlines focus on lack of safety kit at work or the rising benefit claims, there’s a hidden group of coronavirus victims—the rich.

Luxury self-isolation for the haves and the have-Yachts during corona crisis

Entertainment mogul David Geffen was forced to delete a social media post boasting of isolating on a superyacht.

Tory adviser says there is nothing to do but work during coronavirus crisis

Workers can’t “hide” from the coronavirus forever, a government adviser has said. Rupert Shute is the deputy scientific adviser at the Home Office.

Tories and their backers are in the money thanks to virus

 Jacob Rees-Mogg—remember him?—will be cashing in on the coronavirus crisis.

Government knew years ago that the NHS could not cope with virus

The NHS failed a test of its ability to withstand a major pandemic more than three years ago but the results were not made public.

Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

Boris Johnson’s mate got £1.4 million of your cash

A firm run by Boris Johnson’s tennis partner is being paid £1.4 million of government cash to help officials “network” rich people.

Rich buy access to the Tory party at a renamed dinner

‘People’s Prime minister’ Boris Johnson rolled out the red carpet for super-rich Tory supporters worth in excess of £25 billion at a lavish ball.

Thanks from super-rich criminals as Donald Trump hands them pardons

US President Donald Trump pardoned a clutch of super-rich criminals last week including “junk-bond king” Michael Milken.

Britain backs war crimes in Yemen after 32 killed in raid

Saudi Arabian airstrikes killed at least 32 civilians last Saturday in brutal revenge for a military setback.

Tories underestimate number killed by Universal Credit

The government has investigated 69 suicides that could have been linked to problems with benefit claims over the last six years

Grenfell Inquiry—firms ‘pass buck and blame each other’

The inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire heard last week that corporations had killed residents “in the pursuit of money”.

Bare faced cheek of London cops spying on everyone

The Metropolitan police has announced it will use live facial recognition cameras operationally for the first time on London streets

Drug company slammed for lottery for sick children

Drugmaker Novartis has launched an international lottery for its extremely costly gene therapy Zolgensma

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