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The Troublemaker—The rich fiddle the figures to get out of paying their taxes

The super-rich are inventing investments to avoid paying taxes.

The Troublemaker—Police officers caught stealing and abusing

A detective who stole £9,000 related to murder cases from a police safe has been jailed.

The Troublemaker—Screws lined up ‘like penalty shoot-out’ to watch man die

across the floor and restrained by prison guards are the final conscious moments of prisoner Allan Marshall.

Tory plans for retirement at 75 means working till death

The state pension age is set to rise to 75 over the next 16 years. That’s if Boris Johnson’s favourite think tank gets its way

The Troublemaker - Home Office spies on people it claims to be mentoring

Home Office mentors are gathering information on their clients in “confidential” deradicalisation meetings and sharing it with police to investigate the people they are counselling.

The Troublemaker—Rich and royals unite to save the planet for nice holidays

The younger royals like to foster an image of being progressive fighters for social justice. This was somewhat marred last week by a visit made by prince Harry to join a conference on saving the world.

The new cabinet—Johnson’s evil minions

The foreign secretary complained about “discrimination against men” and described feminists as “among the most obnoxious bigots”. Thinks workers in Britain are “the worst idlers in the world”.

No hostile environment for the super-rich immigrants

The Home Office is bending over backwards to attract a different class of person—millionaires

Unite union launches probe into officials’ role in blacklist

The unite union has announced the launch of an investigation into possible collusion by union officers in blacklisting

The Troublemaker—Billionaire child abuser arrest may reveal sordid truth on rich

Financier Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for trafficking and sexually assaulting girls at his mansion in New York.

The Troublemaker—Thousands of primary schools at risk as asbestos crisis looms

Children and workers in over 5,000 state-run primary schools across England are at risk from asbestos.

The Troublemaker - All the bombs for the US war with Iran driven up the M4

If you drove along the M4 motorway on one evening between 15 to 19 May you may have noticed large fleets of lorries.

The Troublemaker - Traders are ‘gutted’ at being banned from drinking at work

Traders at the London Metal Exchange (LME) are fuming at a new rule that means they can’t get drunk at work.

The Troublemaker—cops investigated over their non-expert expert witnesses

Two police officers face disciplinary action after the collapse of a fraud trial amid claims that expert ­witnesses, one of whom was not of ­“suitable calibre”, were coached

Murdering Michael Jackson denies cover-up of Ballymurphy massacre

The British Army “don’t do conspiracies” according to a man responsible for at least two cover-ups of massacres

Troublemaker’s guide to Tory leadership candidates

There are a lot of them and there may be more. But we can guarantee that whichever one wins they won’t be very nice

The Troublemaker—Cops’ hidden evidence proves framed fisher folk’s innocence

Five fishing workers convicted of smuggling a record haul of cocaine claim that police failed to disclose vital radar evidence that proves their innocence.

The Troublemaker—Is the latest royal parasite enough to save Theresa May?

The arrival of royal baby Sussex on Monday was met with polite indifference by most people who don’t work in newspaper offices.

The Troublemaker—Plenty of funds for top cops and sticks to hit people with

A police chief who claims his service is ­underfunded has overseen a 50 percent rise in ­highly-paid officers.

The Troublemaker—Profits go up for firm denying benefits as one victim dies

A SIX STONE emaciated man who was deemed “fit to find work” has died. But the company running the tests that deny people benefits is rolling in profit.

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